The people behind Mountain Moments


Always open for the extra step for a good photo, here on a Via Ferrata in the Dolomites.

Marius spends a large part of his life in the mountains and nature. His passion is to record small and large adventures and cultural experiences with pen and camera. His travels and pictures appear regularly in the most well-known magazines on the subject of outdoor sports.
As an experienced tour and outdoor sports guide, he enjoys sharing his passion and discovering nature and mountains together in the most sustainable way possible.



Mathias in action photographing the worldwide known old city of Heidelberg.

Mathias works as a web designer and photographer. Around Heidelberg he explores nature and shares his passion for photography with like-minded people. He specializes in portrait, fashion and wedding photography.

Clients and References

In addition to satisfied businesses customers, we are proud of happy workshop customers and their rapid learning success. Here is what they say and achieved:

  • Our client Mathias obviously had some good progress on a 2-day photo workshop in the Alps (near Munich). Here is his Instagram.
  • With Stefan we went on a quite sporty 3-day-hike in the magical Alpstein Mountains in Switzerland. Sure, he learned a lot about landscape photography, but also he learned about Astro Photography and Outdoor Sports Photography

Mountain Moments is the perfect place to enjoy a unique photographic view of the mountain world while enjoying the pleasure of hiking.
Marius is an experienced photographer and mountaineer who is didactically well prepared for my wishes and made a unique photo shooting in the Alpstein possible.
Pure unforgettable mountain and photo experience. As an add-on there was a manual for the photography of a fantastic starry sky. This intensive and stimulating weekend was supplemented with very qualified feedback on the composition of the picture.

  • With Christoph (his flickr) we went on an evening workshop in the Tyrolean Mountains near Innsbruck and showed him astrophotography in the Alps:

“The workshop was very informative for me, entertaining and I took a lot with me, especially it was a great adventure at night up on the mountain! I think we only talked about 12 hours and there was always something new. Thumbs up!”


Our values

Photography, mountaineering, nature and human togetherness

Nature and sustainability

Yes, travel and mobility cause environmental costs. We burn fuel when we travel by car, roads and lifts are built and our cameras have to be made. We strive to live on a small, sustainable foot. We organise our workshops in a way that all starting points can be reached by public transport and we also like to organise a carpool.

Every human activity in the limited free nature has an effect on them. We try to keep these to a minimum when we advertise our offers. We also give you tips on how you can enjoy nature more sustainably in many – sometimes large, sometimes small – steps. Here we try to pass on our tried and tested experiences in the mountains to you in the best possible way. Delicious regional and seasonal food is our passion. We are happy to give you tips on which products you don’t need to buy and which products don’t need to be produced with them.

Fairness and transparency

Fair treatment of people, animals and nature is important to us. We always try to set a good example in our workshops and on site. We leave no visible waste in nature and behave as respectfully as possible towards animals and plants.

On request we will explain our transparent price structure. If you have a legitimate reason, through no fault of your own, not to be able to afford our workshops, please feel free to talk to us about it and explain to us what is possible for you, perhaps we can find a solution together that is acceptable in principle.


Most of our photo adventures require you to be physically fit and sometimes resilient and experienced. Not all people enjoy such a demanding, sporty photo mountain hike or can move freely in nature. If you are enthusiastic about mountains, nature and photography, write us your request and we will see if we can find a way for you to share our passion with us.

Tolerance and openness

All people and animals are treated as fairly as possible. We certainly don’t always succeed, but we try to do our best and are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.


At Mountain Moments, you’re not a number. We do not resell your data (we only collect what is absolutely necessary) and we do not optimize for profit. We are convinced that we can experience an outstanding time together with you and that a fruitful cooperation and good time is worth more than anything you can accumulate with a few numbers and notes.