Planning a Hiking Tour in the Alps Safely: How to confidently go Mountain Hiking

Planning a mountain hike is an easy task for experienced hikers.…

37 great Mountain Quotes

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7 Tipps for taking better Landscape photos with a Drone

Your landscape photos with your drone are boring and don't stand out? No problem, that's the case for many drone beginners and we've already helped many aspiring drone photographers take their photos to the next level. I have 7 tips for you on how to take better landscape photos with a dr
Dazzling Daybreak! Catch the Gorgeous Sunrise on Nockspitze Hike

Dazzling Daybreak! Catch the Gorgeous Sunrise Aura on Nockspitze Hike

When you have a date with a sunset, just like with a regular meeting, the best bet is to be there before the agreed time - every photographer knows that. With the right aperture and shutter speed, make the best of your subject matter on an incredible and very accessible Nockspitze hike in the Austrian Alps (Tyrol). Learn more about this backpacking route, grab your equipment and join us.
Family Mountain Bike Tour on Innsbruck Hills - Cover Igls, Aldrans and Sistrans near Patscherkofel

Family+Photo-Friendly Nordkette Hike – Alpine Pastures and Tyrolean Delicacies at Arzler Hut + Umbrüggler Hut above Innsbruck

Hiking adventure, no matter how small, is a one-day reservation at least, so it's essential to carry with you some fuel in a form of food and water. But on this Nordkette stroll through breathtaking pastures, you will find out the benefits of huts that give their part to your local experience - in a form of views, shelter and cuisine. Located not far above the city and at the foot of the Nordkette, Innsbruck's alpine pastures are a popular destination for the whole family and can often be reached on foot in winter. So wait no longer, find out everything you need to know about this trip and join Mountain Moments in this family and photo-friendly thrill-hike.

Best Austrian Photo Spot? Salfeins Hike With Breathtaking Views of the Tyrolean Dolomites

The Alps or the Dolomites, sometimes it's not easy to decide when planning your next hiking expedition. The comforting thing is, no matter what you decide, the other option often lingers in the distance in your camera's reach, so you always seem to be in a win-win situation. Wonderful hike to the famous Austria photo spot with the view to the Kalkkögeln is the trip we cover here today, on Mountain Moments.
31-Kilometer Patscherkofel Mountain Trail - Run/Walk by a Millennia-Old Pine Trees

Run 30k Patscherkofel Mountain Trail along 1000-Y-Old Pine Trees

Zirbe, the Tyrolean national shrine in the alpine forest, has stone pine trees that shame human life expectancy with their impressive 1000-year-long run. You can face them on this 31-kilometer Patscherkofel hiking route, which is moderately challenging, and more accessible than it may sound at first. Grab your hiking and photography equipment and explore this part of the Austrian Alps with Mountain Moments.

Hiking the Alps in Spring: What you need to know

When hiking in the Alps in spring, the snow conditions are an…
Nordkette Vertical Run - Can you Handle the 1600 Meters of Altitude?

Nordkette Vertical Run – Can you Handle the 1600 Meters of Altitude?

When we talk about a hiking trail difficulty level, we grade the complexity of the path itself. Whoever wants to, of course, can upgrade the challenge. A good example is Nordkette's 1600 meters of altitude in Innsbruck, which some decide to cover without a single short breather. This is the Innsbruck vertical run - also called cable car climb. Are you up for the challenge? Find out everything you need to know about this hiking route below.
Multi-Day 57km Alpine Hike - Photo Opportunities in Austrian Sellrain Valley

Sellrain Multi-Day-Trek – Discover untouched nature in Austrian Alps

Sometimes it's nice to hit the mute button and just switch to a real-life, improvised documentary that is the nature around us. Just imagine the lonely landscape without lifts, cars, and noise. Busy modern life briefly in our rear-view mirror, and silence and pure relaxation in front of us - this is what it's all about here at Mountain Moments. We always have something on our mind, and this time it's a 50+kilometer hiking route with Sellrain Valley as one of the stops. Are you in? You are welcomed to join us!
Easy Zirbenweg Trekking Route - Best Photo Opportunities in Innsbruck

Panoramic Trail near Innsbruck: The Zirb Trail – Best Photo Opportunities in Innsbruck

A great view equals a great hike! This panoramic trail near…
Long-Distance Transalp Hike in the Alps - Capture Different Moods of Sterzing

Long-Distance Transalp Hike in the Austrian Alps – Innsbruck to Sterzing

Short-distance footpaths are not enough for you and you prefer a long-distance relationship with nature? In that case, we have a treat for you - a combination of the "Dream route Munich-Venice" and the Pfunderer Höhenweg. Find out more about this 95-kilometer journey in the Austrian Alps and join Mountain Moments on this hiking/photography thrill chase.
Silent Nature on Goethe Trail - Your Pfeishütte Hike on Innsbruck's Doorstep

Best Panoramic Hike above Innsbruck: Goethe Trail on Nordkette Mountain

Tip: Stay overnight in the Pfeishütte( Pfeis hut) and follow up with another mountain tour in the Karwendel.
Becherhaus Tour! July-to-September Sweetspot for 25,5km Hike in Eastern Alps

Hut above a Glacier Spot: Amazing Becherhaus – High Alpine Hiking Tour Stubai Alps

The Insta Spot of the Stubai Valley: Becher Hut - above a glacier.…
Reach Brandjochkreuz at 2268m-Point on a Short Super Steep Trip in Innsbruck

Reach Brandjochkreuz – Super Steep Hike + Trailrun Above Innsbruck

On a knife's edge, this mountain run climbs steeply and airily…
Activity Map! Burn Kilojoules on Sporty Stangensteig After-Work Run

Local’s favoruite trail run in Innsbruck: Stangensteig – Natural After-Work Run

If you are a fan of running, but you never practiced the "trail" version of this outdoor activity, get ready to jog into a new dimension. On the other hand, if this is something you enjoy often, you know exactly how soul-healing and obstacle disguising this kind of environment can be. In many cities around the world, people get together for a drink or an after-work run. In Innsbruck, it's not much different, so grab your running equipment and join us.
Hikers and Mountain Bikers Challenge - Reach Höttinger Alm on 900m Altitude

Hiker’s and Mountain Biker’s Challenge – Reach Höttinger Alm Terrace on 900m Altitude

On this 24-kilometer easy-to-medium hiking/biking route in Innsbruck (Austria), there are two huts that provide backpackers and nature lovers with the opportunity to recuperate and recharge - Arzler Alm and Höttinger Alm. However, one is more popular than the other, and the main reason is the terrace with an astonishing view. Visit the Hottinger Hut with the help of Mountain Moments, and get ready to take some breathtaking photos while you are there.
Mother Nature's Roller Coaster - Go With the Flow on Kayak and Rafting Trips in Innsbruck

Kayak and Rafting in Innsbruck – The 5 best spots for water sports enthusiasts

Innsbruck is only mountains and skiing? Think again where all…
MTB Ride and Photographer's Pride - Bike Your Way Up to Patscherkofel Mountain

Panoramic MTB Tour in Innsbruck: Ride Your Way Up to Patscherkofel Mountain

The Patscherkofel is the self-proclaimed local mountain of the…
Family Mountain Bike Tour on Innsbruck Hills - Cover Igls, Aldrans and Sistrans near Patscherkofel

Family Bike Tour on Innsbruck Hills – Cover Igls, Aldrans and Sistrans near Patscherkofel

The beautiful thing about nature tours, even though you can't physically cover everything, visually you are not contained, and you can experience a location despite the miles between you. That way you can enjoy a relatively easy family mountain bike tour in the hills of Innsbruck, and admire the beautiful Patscherkofel mountain, located approximately 7 km south of Innsbruck, at the same time. Mountain Moments will show you one such location here, and you are welcomed to join us on our next MTB/photography joy ride.