Dazzling Daybreak! Catch the Gorgeous Sunrise on Nockspitze Hike

Dazzling Daybreak! Catch the Gorgeous Sunrise Aura on Nockspitze Hike

When you have a date with a sunset, just like with a regular meeting, the best bet is to be there before the agreed time – every photographer knows that. With the right aperture and shutter speed, make the best of your subject matter on an incredible and very accessible Nockspitze hike in the Austrian Alps (Tyrol). Learn more about this backpacking route, grab your equipment and join us.

The Nockspitze (also called Saile) at 2404 meters above sea level is considered one of the most beautiful sunrise spots in Tyrol. The Nockspitze has an almost fascinating aura. The steep northern flank of the Nockspitze can be seen from almost all of Innsbruck. It’s not uncommon to catch yourself thinking about making a pilgrimage up here while strolling through the city – even, or perhaps precisely, because you’ve stood on this peak many times before. 

Sunset/Sunrise Hike near Innsbruck – Nockspitze is local hikers favourite mountain.

Thanks to its easy accessibility, the tour to the summit is one of the most beautiful and popular half-day to day hikes among Innsbruck residents. Anyone who wants to see the sunrise over Innsbruck should choose this mountain as their destination. The flat summit plateau invites you to linger and enjoy. The sun rises directly over the Inn Valley in summer.

Early morning light at Nockspitze / Saile mountain above Inn Valley and Innsbruck
The approach is a normal to moderate mountain hike. The easiest way leads via the parking lot of Axamer Lizum and the chairlift to Birgitzköpflhaus and from here along the southern hiking trail

Route description! This is how your Nockspitze trip looks like on a map

From the parking lot Axamer Lizum (1564m) take one of the two paths uphill. After 300m left uphill follow the signposts towards Nockspitze/Birgitzköpflhaus. Go under the chairlift to Birgitzköpflhaus (2035m), here turn right following the signs towards Nockspitze/Saile up the slope. At the crossroads finally turn left steeply uphill and climb along the path to the summit (2404m). Return the same way or more beautiful at the last fork left downhill via Halsl to the parking lot. 

The Nockspitze hiking adventure is graded as medium difficulty-wise, so some experience is preferred. The highest/lowest points are 2404m/1570m.
Sunset / Sunrise Hike at Nockspitze near Innsbruck on a map. The Nockspitze hike is graded as medium difficulty-wise, so some experience is preferred. The highest/lowest points are 2404m/1570m 

Photo tips that will make your Instagram pop – sunrise at the Nockspitze

Sunrise at Nockspitze with a view to Innsbruck and Inn Valley. (Tip: You might see this picture similarly in the ads from the local tourism. If you want to learn how to make picture for tourism and travel get on a private photo class with us. We will show you how to get results that clients buy (or maybe even copy ;))
Views while hiking at Nockspitez / Saile
Those morning sunrise sunrays can be just phenomenal while hiking in Tyrol. Get on a photo workshop sunrise/sunset tour and experience this with our pro photo guides.

For the sunrise at the Nockspitze with a view over Innsbruck we recommend a standard lens. This way you can capture the sunlit pre-peak with Innsbruck and the Inn valley in one picture. In addition, the sunset with a view towards the striking Kalkkögeln is exciting. 

More information about your hiking trip in the Austrian Alps

How to get there by car: Via Kematen, Axams to the Axamer Lizum ski area parking lot. 

How to get there by public transport: From Innsbruck (main station, tax office) with bus line 4162 in the direction of Axamer Lizum to the terminus of the Axamer Lizum ski area.  

Difficulty level: medium 

Duration/distance: 3.5h/ 7.5km  

Ascent/descent: 835m/835m

Highest/lowest point: 2404m/1570m 

Refreshment stop: Birgitzköpflhaus 

Start/finish: parking lot ski area Axamer Lizum (coordinates: geogr. 47.195173, 11.303199) 

Best time: June-October

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