summit of the Heimgarten

Herzogstand to Heimgarten: a spectacular hike in Munich’s local mountains

The Herzogstand is probably Munich’s most famous local mountain. In just under an hour’s drive from the central ring road, the Herzogstand, or Duke’s estate, is enthroned between Walchensee and Kochel am See. This jewel for outdoor photographers is probably the most beautiful hike the Bavarian Alps have to offer. Here we give you some photo tips and introduce you to this dream hike from Herzogstand to Heimgarten.

Herzogstand - Heimgarten

Hike Herzogstand – Heimgarten


The Herzogstand to Heimgarten hike starts at Walchensee lake. The Herzogstand cable car from Walchensee is available for those too lazy to walk, while sporty, quick-footed people can join the hiking trail a few meters north of the cable car park.

At first, a little surefootedness and a strong head for heights are necessary, but the difficulty level is manageable for most mountain hikers.

The path leads without junctions and almost all the way steeply to the Herzogstand Hut. From the hut it is very easy to follow the wide path in a northerly direction to the already visible Herzogstand mountain. For the last few meters, you can decide to rest at the summit cross, or to turn right towards the summit pulpit – the view is similarly spectacular.

From the summit, the actual crossing to the Heimgarten follows. The trail is only recommended for experienced mountain hikers; sure-footedness and a strong head for heights are prerequisites. Even though the exposed passages are very well secured with ropes and railings, the slightest slip here could bring tragedy.

summit of the Heimgarten

For about 2 hours, you follow the distinctive ridge to the summit of the Heimgarten. Here too, the view is no less majestic and you can enjoy an excellent refreshment from the Heimgartenhut at sunset.

For the way back from the Heimgarten to the south, and later over the ridge below the Rotwandkopf, one should plan adequately for a time stretch of about 2 to 3 hours. The path is no longer treacherous, yet some experience is still required. Shortly before Walchensee, you can follow the signs to the Herzogstand cable car or take the short detour over to Walchensee to refresh yourself there.

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Herzogstand photo tips

At sunrise the views from Herzogstand, over the summit cross towards Kochel am See and Walchen Lake, are breathtaking.

Panorama of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps
Panorama of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps

Herzogstand Heimgarten photo spots

Steep hiking path at the ridge - crossing Heimgarten Herzogstand
Steep hiking path at the ridge – crossing Heimgarten Herzogstand
Sunset at the Heimgarten
Sunset at the Heimgarten
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