Lagazuoi Hike - Stunning Views & WW1 History

Kodak Moment on Lagazuoi Hike – Stunning Panorama With World War One History

If Lagazuoi mountain, a hiker’s dream, could speak, it would have plenty to say about World War 1 horrors from the early 20th century. This very fact makes it an attraction for hikers, but nothing beats stunning panoramic views that can be seen on one fairly short 1.6-kilometer route. Here you can find out how you can experience everything this Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomite wonder has to offer.

During the First World War, a merciless war of position raged on the Lagazuoi. In order to be safe from enemy artillery fire, the opposing armies of Austria and Italy created tunnel systems in the rock faces here on the front line. 

There are probably only a few places in the Alps that make clear how dramatic the events of the war were in the mountains. For a long period of time, the Austrians were positioned on the Lagazuoi, cutting off the supply route to the Badia Valley. The Italian force was on Col die Bos, 1 km to the northeast, so that intense fighting broke out again and again. 

Lagazuoi's and highest and lowest points are 2743 and 1655 meters. The tour starts at the Falzarego Pass.
Lagazuoi’s hike highest point is 2743 meters – get up to the top of the mountain (as see in this picture) via gondola or go on a hiking adventure through old man-made tunnels!

The remains of the Austrian positions on Lagazuoi are very well preserved and are presented in the free open-air museum along the summit ridge. The Lagazuoi remains to this day an imposing memorial to the First World War. This tour hikes a well-developed war tunnel in the middle of the rock to the fantastic panoramic Lagazuoi mountain. 

An impressive panoramic hike through a valley in the heart of the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Park follows the impressive mountain. With the picturesquely beautiful Lagazuoisee, this hike finds a pleasantly gentle end, quite different from what the war scenes would suggest.

Tip: Those who shy away from the altitude difference can also reach the view without any effort by taking the gondola lift.

Route description: this is how your amazing Lagazuoi journey looks like on a map

The tour starts at the Falzarego Pass (2105m). Take the wide hiking trail no. 402 in the direction of Travenanzes-Scharte/Lagazuoi hut. After about 1km turn left at the prominent junction and hike in some serpentines below the imposing rock face to the tunnel entrance. Climb up the 1km long, steep, and partly secured tunnel. From the exit, a flat hiking trail leads past the mountain station to the Lagazuoi hut. 

On Lagazuoi Hike Map, you can see the rout that many often explore for more than five hours. The tour can be shortened by taking the Lagazuo cable car up the mountain.
On Lagazuoi Map, you can see the route that takes five hours to finish. Hike difficulty level is medium.

From the mountain hut, a short detour to the west summit of Lagazuoi (Lagazuoi Pizo) is possible. Now, from the Lagazuoi mountain station, follow the trail briefly to the east and branch off to the left in the direction of the Scutoni hut. The following trail leads slightly downhill to Lake Lagazuoi. Now a little steeper uphill over some serpentines to the Scutoni hut. 

During the well-deserved break, the alpacas from the hut’s own breeding farm greet you in a friendly manner. Then follow the wide hiking trail to Capana Alpina. Finally, walk along a forest path to the main road (Sciaré bus stop) and take the bus to reach the starting point of the Falzarego Pass.

Photo Tips for Lagazuoi hiking route

The Lagazuo massif offers a wide range of photo opportunities. Already from the valley station it is worthwhile to take a picture of the immense massif of the Lagazuoi with its steep rock formations. Unfortunately, the light conditions in the shaft are limited. Especially at the entrance of the shaft, it is worth trying to enter a few meters into the shaft and photograph a person at the entrance in daylight. 

At the Lagazuoi viewpoint, of course, there are various opportunities for landscape shots in conjunction with detailed shots of the war positions. The best panoramic shot we took from the detour to Lagazuoi Pizo. From there, a clear view of the Marmolada and the Sella massif is offered. Especially in the morning and in autumn time, with a little luck, fog banks or high fog form in the valley, which looks beautiful. 

Our personal favorite place is not directly on the presented route, but is associated with some additional effort of about 1-1.5h. For this, turn right at Lake Lagazuoi, hike around the lake to the right and climb to the Fanesscharte. The view from there with lake and plateau of Lagazuoi behind is one of our favorite views and clearly more unknown than other hotspots. 

The best panoramic shot we took from the detour to Lagazuoi Pizo.
If this isn’t a “Kodak Moment”, nothing is (Photo: Erich N.) – Sunset seen from Lagazuoi Mountain Top. Improve your photography and let us guide you into the secrets of mountain photograph here at the Lagazuoi hut – the perfect place for your Dolomites photo trip.

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Information about your Lagazuoi hike

Getting there by car: Coming from the north via Brenner freeway via Sterzing to the Brixen-Pustertal exit. Continue to St. Lorenzen, then south towards Coravara via San Martino to La Villa. In La Villa turn left to Falzarego Pass and park in the parking lot of the cable car. Alternative approach also possible via Kitzbühel, Lienz and San Candido.

Getting there via public transport: By train via Innsbruck to Fortezza. From there take the regional train to Dobbiaco. With the local bus first to Cortina d’Ampezzo and finally with the line 460/465 to the Falzarego Pass.

Hike difficulty level: medium – difficult

Duration/distance: 5h/ 1.6km

Ascent/descent: 720hm/1169hm

Highest/lowest point: 2743m/1655m 

Refreshments: Falzarego Pass, Lagazuoi Hut, Scutoni Hut, Capana Alpina

Start/finish: Falzarego Pass parking lot (coordinates: geogr. 46.518880, 12.008699), Bus stop Sciaré (coordinates: geogr. 46.553121, 11.968730)

Tip: The tour can be shortened by taking the Lagazuo cable car up the mountain. An alternative to the tunnels is the trail 402/401 to the Lagazuoi hut. Allow enough time for the open-air museum.

Safety/Special Hazards: Be sure-footed, carry a bright flashlight or headlamp.

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