Long-Distance Transalp Hike in the Alps - Capture Different Moods of Sterzing

Long-Distance Transalp Hike in the Austrian Alps – Innsbruck to Sterzing

Short-distance footpaths are not enough for you and you prefer a long-distance relationship with nature? In that case, we have a treat for you – a combination of the “Dream route Munich-Venice” and the Pfunderer Höhenweg. Find out more about this 95-kilometer journey in the Austrian Alps and join Mountain Moments on this hiking/photography thrill chase.

What has become a popular alpine journey, especially among mountain bikers, as a tribute to Hannibal’s historic crossing of the Alps, has also inspired hikers and long-distance hikers for many years. In several daily stages, many trails lead from the northern to the southern Alps and offer themselves as a combined multi-day tour from hut to hut.

Only what fits into your own backpack is taken along. Food and safe accommodation will be provided by alpine huts, which will accommodate the hikers at appropriate intervals. After getting up early, the whole day is spent hiking away from the main tourist infrastructure. One step at a time and meditatively experience nature.

Those who embark on the Transalp adventure experience special alpine views and moments – and also sometimes the difficulties of alpine life.

Weather changes and changes in planning, but also special tranquility in otherwise little frequented places as well as cultural and culinary diversity make the highlight Transalp a special alpine experience with depth

Weather changes and changes in planning, but also special tranquility in otherwise little frequented places as well as cultural and culinary diversity make the highlight Transalp a special alpine experience with depth.
Transalp hiking adventure – crossing the Alps on foot is a great hiking adventure lots of mountain lovers are keen on trying. See our description for this not-so-common route taht starts in Innsbruck and ends in Italy – can be done in 4 days.

Route description! This is how your Transalp (Innsbruck) journey looks like on a map

Due to the length of the tour, only the rough stages can be given here. For detailed route finding please use the GPS track.

Mountain station Glungezerbahn- Glungezerhütte (2660m) – Naviser Jöchl (2479m) – Lizumer Hütte (2019m) – Junssee – Tuxer-Joch- Hut (2316m) – Spannagelhaus (2531m) – Friesenbergscharte (2910m) – Friesenberghaus (2477m) – Olpererhütte (2388m) – Pfitscher Joch (2246m) – Pfitscher-Joch-Hütte (2275m) – Gliderscharte (2644m) – Grindlbergsee – Pfunderer Joch (2568m) – Sterzinger Hütte (2344m, Self-catering hut, alternatively head for Brixner Hütte or Simele Mahdalm) – Treriser Joch (2212m) – Jägerspitze (2136m) – Sterzing (948m).

Transalp route on a map: Important note: this tour is partly less frequented than the classic routes. Other, similar alternatives are more organized in terms of tourism. But also here you will find directions and can sleep and eat in proper mountain huts that offer some form of comfort.

Photo tips that will make your Instagram pop on your transalp hike – clear night sky

Between Glungezer and Sterzing is relatively low light pollution. It allows an unusually clear view of the starry night sky for Central Europe. With a tripod, these clear star views can be captured appealingly.

The most famous photo spot along the way is the small suspension bridge at the Olpererhütte with a view over the Schlegeisspeicher to the Hochfeiler (2509m). Be sure to book the hut in advance.

Mountain Moments Photo Workshops provide Photo Tours for everybody, Alpine Experience for beginners and intermediate-level photographers with 3 to 6-hour routes, as well as Summit Experience for more advanced photographers and hikers. We have private workshops and group classes.

More information about your hiking adventure Transalp in the Austrian Alps  


How to get there by public transport: by bus J to the Patscherkofelbahn valley station and from here to the Glungezerhütte or by bus 4134 to the Glungezerbahn. Return by train from Sterzing train station to Innsbruck



Hike difficulty level: medium

Duration/distance: 40h, 95km   

Ascent/descent: 6495hm/7110hm   

Highest/lowest point: 2910m/940m  

Refreshments: See route description.

Start/finish: Glungezerbahn mountain station (coordinates: geogr. 47.241599,11.543970)  

Best time: July-September

Tips: There are many variations of this endeavor. It is especially appealing to hold a crossing of the Northern Alps to Innsbruck before this tour.

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