Photo location: Seefeld – Great viewpoints for photographers

The wonderful town of Seefeld in Tyrol is a pleasant starting point for any landscape photographer. Here we take you to Seefeld’s most beautiful and scenic viewpoints to capture unique mountain panoramas for your portfolio. Grab our best tips for planning your next photo adventure in North Tyrol.

Seefeld is situated on a beautiful, high plateau in the west Austrian region of Tyrol. Located directly on the German-Austrian border, holidaymakers and photographers will be delighted with the easy access from Munich, Ulm and Stuttgart in southern Germany.

Photo location: Seefeld – Great viewpoints for photographers

View from the Rosshütte ski area over Seefeld to Hohe Munde.

Photo Location: Seefeld and surrounding areas

Dwarfing the rather small skiing locations in Seefeld, the scenic views of  Zugspitz mountain, both the Mieminger and Karwendel chains, stand ancient and magnificent. In the background, above the Inn valley, the 3000m peaks of the Stubaier and Ötztaler Alps rise to greet you like friendly giants. Wonderful mountain panoramas can be photographed here with little effort.

Photographically though,  as in most inner alpine areas, it is hard to frame a single subject in Seefeld. Similar high mountains make it difficult to highlight a special feature even from a great viewpoint.

To get the best out of a short trip to Seefeld, we recommend you to take a private photo and hiking tour. Our guides can take you to the picturesque locations in the best time to take tunning photographs. They guide you safely up and down the mountain and take care you are getting the most out of your Alps trip.

If your time schedule is flexible, go have a look at our group tours and enjoy the company of other photographers and like-minded hikers.

Deep warm evening reds frame the prominent peaks of the Hohe Munde (in the middle)

Although there is not one top photo spot to suggest, we recommend the high plateau between Seefeld and Leutasch. It’s blessed with many, relatively accessible and beautiful viewpoints that radiate high alpine flair.

The view from the Rosshütte ski area, spans from Zugspitze – Germany’s highest mountain, to the glaciers covering the massive 3000m peaks of the main Alpine ridge in Tyrol.

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Photo location: Reither Spitze and the Rosshütte ski area

The Reither Spitze at dusk – ascent only for experienced climbers
Free as a bird: Who doesn’t dream of flying into the mountains at sunset – Taken from the Rosshütte ski area

Our favourite photo spot in Seefeld is the Rosshütte ski area, particularlythe view from Reither Spitze mountain. Here the view wanders from the Karwendel mountain range to the German border and into Bavaria. From there it passes Zugspitze and Hohe Munde mountains and continues over the Inn Valley, finally reaching the main ridge of the Alps.

The ascent to Reither Spitze is only for experienced hikers and mountaineers alike – the last 200 metres, even when secured by rope, require awareness and surefootedness. Difficult passages, high in altitude,  leave one feeling exposed and can be dangerous.

Beginners tip: If you have little to no alpine experience, simply take a gondola to the top station –  be it winter or summer, the view here is no less impressive.

Get your private guide for this tour to Reither Spitze or around Seefeld. Enjoy not only the most instagramable view of the Seefeld plateau, but also get the best tips for your photography from our professional guides. Yes, they also guide you safely up and down the mountain and make sure your trip is an unforgetable on.

Photo location: Hohe Munde Viewpoint and Rauthhütte

View from Rosshütte – over Seefeld with Hohe Munde mountain in the background.

The Hohe Munde mountain is located at the eastern end of the Mieminger Kette chain of mountains. It leaves a lasting impression with its head-like shape and steep rock faces. In winter there is a fantastic photo spot showcasing the cross-country ski run in Leutasch. In summer the views of this beautiful mountain are simply breathtaking – we recommend a hike up the opposite Reither Spitze mountain or to the Rosshütte ski area.

A high level of fitness is required to master the difference in altitude of 1400 meters.  After climbing only a few meters, you will quickly notice that there are no more water points to be found. Please remember to bring enough water with you to stay hydrated.

Hike to the Rauthhütte

Beginners tip: If you are not too keen to summit the Hohe Munde mountain or can’t manage the long tour to the top, there is no shame in stopping at the famous Rauthhütte (hut). After only two hours of hiking, a similarly enjoyable panorama awaits you. Why not just enjoy some blissful peace and quiet – perhaps a beer and something off the menu – and just let your imagination wonder.

Insider tip: Take a tour to the Rauthhütte at sunrise!

Photo location: Hike to the Rotmoosalm alpine pasture

The wonderfully situated Rotmoosalm in the soft light
Stunning views in the mountains near Rotmoosalm

The Rotmoosalm alpine pasture is located on the south side of the Mieminger Kette mountain range and is a well-known destination for e-bikers and hikers. The view of Hohe and Niedere Munde mountains is particularly beautiful in the morning light.  When hunger finally strikes after a morning’s shoot, take our advice and order some Kasspressknödel – a delicious speciality, unique to the region.

The hut itself was rebuilt in the 2010 after the old hut was flattened by an avalanche. The new location of the hut is a welcome gift for mountain photographers. It is a highly recommended day stop for hikers as well as mountain bikers and photography enthusiasts. Reaching this dream view is no easy task however, as one must climb to an altitude of 900 meters.

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View: from Hohe Munde to Zuspitze
Steep crags – typical for the region around SeefeldKarwendel

The Jubiläumsgrat is a real alpine classic. It runs roughly from the Zugspitze in the direction of Seefeld. Jubiläumsgrat is probably Germany’s premier high alpine tour for alpine mountain enthusiasts after the Watzmann – Germany’s third highest peak.

Caution: The “Jubigrat” is not a hiking trail, but mostly unsecured and extremely steep ridge climb. It’s only for experienced climbers and not to be underestimated. One must be absolutely surefooted as well as have the required alpine experience and equipment!

Beginners tip: If you just want to get a taste of the alpine air, you can hike via the Rotmoosalm path to Gatterl.

Photo locations: Hiking in the Gaistal valley and the lakes surrounding Mittenwald

For those who are less inclined to climb to the top, we recommend an enjoyable hike through the high plateau between Seefeld and Leutasch,  then into the Gaistal Valley with its pastures and scattered huts as well as an excursion to one, or all, of the nearby lakes – Barmsee, Kochelsee and Walchensee.

At sunset in winter, we recommend a sundowner on one of the panoramic terraces of the restaurants in the village of Mösern. The view of the Inn Valley is particularly beautiful in the afternoon with the deep winter sun setting the mood.

Picturesque views into the Karwendel

These are our recommendations for photographing in Seefeld, Leutasch and the Northern Alps near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Do you have other beautiful photo spots in the area? Share them with us and all the other photographers!

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