Mountains, lakes and alpine idyll: for many visitors and locals it’s all that Switzerland is about. For your convenience, we’d like to share our favourite viewpoints and photospots in Switzerland, with you. In our experience, We have found these amazing locations to be the most rewarding sights and viewpoints of the Swiss mountains for photographers. For each photo spot and sight, you will find useful information on how to get there and some helpful tips to help you get the most out of your trip to the Swiss alps.

Like any selection, this selection of photo locations in Switzerland is deeply subjective. We at Mountain Moments love the mountains and mountain landscapes, so they may be a little overrepresented.

We would like to not only inspire you to check out these popular photo spots, but actively encourage you, to find your own favourite places to explore photographically as well.

It’s important to us that you observe the following basic rules when searching for a photo location:

  • Don’t leave any garbage! In case of any doubt, leave the photo spot in a cleaner condition than you found it.
  • Always follow the special rules on site: Some of the photo spots mentioned in this article are located on private property. Please treat these locations as if they were your own property and treat the owners with respect and gratitude. Some specific rules apply to the publication of photographs at these locations, you should follow them as well.
  • Respects other photographers, people, animals and nature. We only have one life and one planet, it would be a pity if we couldn’t enjoy the beauty of nature together, as well as not preserving it for posterity.

If you follow these basic rules, you will not only ensure yourself an amazing experience, but you will also be able to continuously enjoy these photographic landscapes together with others in the future. It is a well known fact that joy multiplies when you share it.

We welcome you to share your ‘hidden gems’ with us by up-loading pictures of photo locations you have discovered to our gallery of the best photo spots in the Alps and Europe. Please feel free to share any discovered photo locations with us!


1. Äscher Guesthouse and the Seealpsee lake in Alpstein.

The Äscher guesthouse in the Alpstein massif is one of the most famous inns in the world, photo: C. Regg

This famous inn is hidden under a massive rock outcrop in north-eastern Switzerland. Since the 2010s, the Äscher Guesthouse has achieved dubious fame and is considered one of the most visited points in Switzerland.

We do not want to deny the beauty of this amazing place, but rather draw attention to the breathtaking sights and photo spots in the Alpstein region. The steep rock slabs around Säntis mountain offer impressive photo motifs especially from the Saxer Lücke, Schäfler and Seealpsee trails, which are – more or less – easily accessible.

The photospot at Seealpseen with Säntis in the background – one of the best spots in Switzerland

BEWARE: Säntis mountain has the highest precipitation in the swiss alps and the hiking trails require a head for heights and surefootedness.

It’s not without reason, that we hold one of our most popular photo workshops here in the Alpstein massif. If you are confident in alpine mountain hiking, if you are interested in authentic mountain photography and if you wish to discover this picturesque region with like-minded people, you are cordially invited. Private courses are available on request.

2. The Swiss Paradeberg: Matterhorn mountain

Matterhorn mountain reflected off of Riffelsee lake -Tip: Be fast, only the mornings are tourist free
A wider view of Matterhorn reflecting off of Riffelsee lake
The Gornergrat train with Matterhorn mountain in the background

Matterhorn mountain is Switzerland’s most famous landmark and one of the most iconic places in the world. Of course, the Matterhorn should not be missing off this list, but the dream view of this mountain gets a little clouded by the high number of tourists and costs. The best photospot is at Riffelsee lake. Here, the majestic Matterhorn is perfectly reflected off of the lake’s surface and the

Tip: The best time to get that famous alpenglow is always at sunrise. The best way to be punctual for the sunrise is to get there by foot.

The journey to the photospot is less trivial and much more expensive than one might think: Take the train/car to Täsch village, here change to the train going to the village of Zermatt. There, go to the Gornergratbahn valley station and take the train to station Rotebboden. The Riffelsee lake is located approximately 100 metres below the station.

3. Bianco ridge – the white stripe

Worldwide, the Bianco ridge gets a lot of love among alpinists and mountain lovers for its beautifully high alpine ridge. The white band of snow and ice reflect the sun, while amazingly still sticking to the ridge of Piz Bernina, the only four-thousand-metre high peak in the Eastern Alps.

As popular as the Bianco ridge is with alpinists, the ascent is not recommended for beginners. Wonderful view of Bianco ridge can still however be obtained by taking the cable car from the Diavolezza valley station on the Bernina Pass as well as from the top station of the Morteratsch cable car – starting points in Engadin village, St.Moritz or Silvaplana lake, Surlej.

Caution: Climbing the Bianco ridge is a serious alpine undertaking and definitely not for beginners or amateurs. High alpine terrain, glacier and high risk of falling.

4.  Icy views of Aletsch Glacier – Bettmeralp village and Eggishorn mountain

The Aletsch Glacier photographed from Eggishorn mountain in the evening light, photo: S. Ferrara

The most impressive alpine glaciers are to be found in the central Swiss Alps. The view to the Aletsch Glacier is especially beautiful and easy to reach. This large glacier of the Alps is very long, stretching from Eggishorn mountain to Bettmeralp village. You can find the vantage point at Eggishorn mountain(2,926 m) in the munincipality of ‘canton of Valais’. and is only a 15-minute walk from the top station of the cable car. The tour starts either in Fiesch village or Bettmeralp village.

5.  Lake Geneva – Chillon Castle and the Dents du Midi summits.

The picturesque Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva. Our favourite motif takes frames the Dent du Midi mountain peaks into the background of the picture, photo: A. Caramello

historically, Chillon Castle in the Alps is one of the very first “photo spots”. Long before cameras and photography were invented, famous painters from all over the world travelled to Lake Geneva to paint the majestically situated Castle Chillon. It is no coincidence that they chose the pointed rocky peaks of the Dents du Midi as a background.

Fortunately, this motif has hardly changed to this day, except that there are considerably more houses on Lake Geneva as it has become a centre of international politics and a play ground for the well-heeled aristrocracy.

Good photo spots can be found near the Veytaux-Chillon railway station and in the hills above. If you are in a hurry, travel in a southerly direction along the A9 and stop at the ‘Aires de Repos Pertit’ rest stop. From the parking lot, enjoy the view into Valais and over Lake Geneva.

6. Mount Rigi: Queen of the mountains

View from the queen of the mountains to the south, photo:

The “Queen of the Mountains” has one of the most popular views in Switzerland. Because of her easy accessibility, Rigi mountain Attracts many tourists. This amazing viewpoint is picturesquely situated between Vierwaldstättersee lake, the city of Lucerne and Zugersee lake. From all sides, the royal cable cars and mountain railways lead up to experience the full majesty of this view.

Ideally, photographers should make their way to the Känzeli viewing platform just befor sunset. From the viewing platform you can see the impressive chain of Alps, the watercourses of Vierwaldstättersees lake and the entire region – from the city of Lucerne all the way to the Midlands. viewing platform can be reached from the Rigi Kaltbad resort in about 15 minutes.

7. The Town of Interlaken – Augstmatthorn mountain

View from Augstmatthorn mountain, photo: E. Bosiger
Alpine grass meadows on Augstmatthorn mountain

Overgrown with grass, the north-western arch of the Alps offers some of the most beautiful alpine ridge walks of Switzerland. Augstmatthorn mountain near the town of Interlaken is a particularly beautiful ridge hike – one that is well served by the mountain railways. The view of Thunersee lake, the Bernese Highlands and Brienzersee lake is a real feast for the eyes, especially in summer and autumn in the early morning light.

From Interlaken, the Harder Railway takes you up to the Harder Kulm viewpoint and from here the ascent to Augstmatthorn Mountain top is much easier. For those who find the 800-metre ridge hike too much or too dangerous, the view from the top station is highly recommended and just as picturesque.

Often these paths leave mountain hikers a little over confident in the dry weather, but you should still be very careful. When it is wet, the grass-covered steep slopes turn into dangerous slides. Please only walk on them if you are free from giddiness and sure-footed.

Photo: K. Maritz

8. The famous triumvirate: Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains

The so called “triumvirate” of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains, piles up south of the city of Interlaken and are some of the most massive walls in the Alps. The north face of Eiger is one of the central points in swiss alpine mountaineering history. The Jungfrau is reached by the only funicular railway of its kind in the world, offering high alpine views that are accessable to everyone. And Last, but definitely not least, Mönch mountain tucked into the center, with its impressive glaciated north-west bulwark.

The best photo spot and vantage point for a majestic view of the triumvirate can be found in the ski area between Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen – more precisely, between the top stations of the Tschuggen and Laubergrat cableways. The view from the Kleine Scheidegg station is also suitably impressive.

Tip: Do you want to learn to photographically capture the most beautiful places in Switzerland? Take a look at our current photo course dates. Find nothing that suites you? Contact us directly to book a private photo course.

9. The Italian side of Switzerland: the Verzasca Valley

The Verzasca Valley invites you to take a refreshing dip, photo: J. Steinmann
The Verzasca Valley and jumoing off Ponte dei Salti bridge, photo: J. Steinmann

Only a few people know that Italian is one of switzerland’s officially spoken languages. Probably even fewer people know the hidden beauty of the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland. Here, high mountains blend with the Italian way of life.

Out of the numerous valleys on the southern side of the Alps, the Verzasca Valley is an extraordinary feast for the eyes that remains pute with little developement for tourism. Both here and in the neighbouring valleys you can still find untamed alpine rivers eagerly showing of their wildness. Near Lavertezzo you will find Ponte dei Salti bridge, which is particularly beautiful with the washed-out rock formations that surround it.

Bonus photo spot for railway fans: The Landwasser Viaduct.

A little kitsch always works – the Rhaetian railway at the Landwasser Viaduct, photo: J. Hofmann

Did you enjoy reading and feel already inspired for your trip to the best instagramable photo locations in Switzerland? We handpicked them for you and hope you enjoy. Join one of our group photo and hiking trips in Switzerland and get to the best spots with fellow photographers at the best light situations.

If you are on a tight travel schedule or want to get the max out of your trip, get a private photo tour. We guide you to the best spots safely and get you to up your photo game at the most beautiful places!

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