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Innsbruck Rock Climbing Guide – Gardens and Boulder Spots close to the City Center

Do you have a good grip on rock climbing, or are you a beginner with love and admiration for this challenging and rewarding physical activity? In Innsbruck, there are thousands of hiking and climbing routes, as Climbers’ City offers a variety of vertical opportunities for all skill levels. Within minutes, you can walk from the city center to via ferratas, climbing gardens, and climbing centers, and before you even make it down, you will have a story to tell. Mountain Moments will show you how to get there, and what to look out for climbing and photography-wise on this adventure.

Dazzling Daybreak! Catch the Gorgeous Sunrise Aura on Nockspitze Hike

When you have a date with a sunset, just like with a regular meeting, the best bet is to be there before the agreed time – every photographer knows that. With the right aperture and shutter speed, make the best of your subject matter on an incredible and very accessible Nockspitze hike in the Austrian Alps (Tyrol). Learn more about this backpacking route, grab your equipment and join us.

Demanding Sella Massif Climb – Use Piz Boè Peak as Photography Vantage Point

Between Alta Badia and the Val Gardena valleys, stretches the impressive Sella massif, a buffet where amateur and professional photographers take any amount of pictures they want, on the house. There are two conditions, though – one is a full battery, and the other is hiking experience, as some hiking routes are equally challenging and rewarding. We cover one such trail here.

Live, Laugh, Lakes – Easy and Revealing Hike to Shiny Gerold Lake in the Bavarian Alps

Edgar Allan Poe wrote long ago, “So lovely was the loneliness of a wild lake.” Here at Mountain Moments, with all the beautiful, small, localized patches of water we have seen over the years, we can’t and won’t argue with this famous American poet. On this particular hiking route in the Bavarian Alps, these words will be proven multiple times, so check out our hiking route and join us on this backpacking nature thrill-hike.

Is Schreck the Prettiest Mountain Lake in Germany? Visit the Bavarian Alps and Judge for Yourself

When you photograph the lakes, do you prefer making this beautiful, reflecting water the main subject of your photos, or do you use the lake as part of a bigger scene? When you come to Bavarian Alps on your hiking trip and see Schreck lake, we suggest you try every method and make the most of your memory card space. This beauty may just be overwhelming, so grab your hiking equipment and join on this difficult but rewarding backpacking adventure.