Hike Spitzingsee: Beautiful photo hike to the top of the mountain (Brecherspitz hike)

The Spitzingsee lake is located in the south of Munich and is a wonderfully situated alpine pearl of the Bavarian Alps. When on a classic mountain hike in Munich’s local mountains, one can simply not miss Brecherspitz mountain. We suggest taking this hike for successful photography in the region around Schliersee and Spitzingsee lakes.

Hike from Spitzingsee (Spitzing lake) to Brecherspitz

From one of its parking lots, navigate over to the western side of Spitzingsee lake. Depending on where you start from, you will find a signpost to Brecherspitz mountain or a hint to a path that leads to the lower or upper Firstalm Inn.

Upper Firstalm
Upper Firstalm and the Munich area in the background
Picturesque views to the Firstalm

The paths leading to and from these two alpine pastures are suitable for prams, the terrain only becomes steeper above the upper Firstalm Inn, as the path becomes more alpine. From the foothills of Brecherspitz mountain, the trail becomes much more challenging, exposed and ony partly covered with rope insurance. Those who have the necessary sure footedness, no fear of heights and some alpine experience will be rewarded with an even more beautiful view of the main peak of the 1683 m high Brecherspitz. The descent follows the ascent, or alternatively over the north ridge to Neuhaus which lies at an altitude of 900 m.

Experienced mountain hikers will not find any difficulties in navigating the clearly signposted, final climb. On the other hand, amateurs and people with a fear of heights, will certainly battle. If you find the climb to be too demanding, stay at the lower summit and take some photos – for example the other mountain hikers climbing the ‘counter slope’. Alternatively, walk west to the chapel, where you will also find a nice photo location on a less exposed ridge.

Tour information:

  • approx. 560 m altitude
  • walking time approx. 3-4 hours
  • final ascent only suitable for experienced mountain hikers

Photo tour to Spitzingsee Lake: Hiking suggestions for a successful photographic experience

At the starting point of the tour you can dedicate yourself to the waters of the Spitzingsee, preferably early in the morning. The western shore is only half touched and not as built-up as the eastern side.

Morning light at Spitzingsee – our favorite photo motif here.

In our opinion, the most rewarding photo motif in the Spitzingsee region is the direct view from the Brecherspitz mountain to the Schliersee lake. The north ridge is an advertised hiking trail and of course leads to Schliersee lake. When one shoots a hiking photo of themselves or a friend here, they are certainly not far off from a beautifully framed still.

We don’t want to reveal too much about all the photo spots at this point, after all, the uncertain is part of any adventure. Let your work be inspired by these photos. If the tour inspired you, we will be thrilled to see your results in the comments. You will also find many other photo spots located around the Alps in our overview.

If you would like to learn more about outdoor photography in a group like the tour in this article, please take a look at our outdoor photo courses like: The mountain “next door” or the Herzogstand (Alpine Experience – Munich).

Brecherspitz with a view to the Schliersee – anyone who skillfully places someone here has a beautiful memory photo.

Mountain Moments photo tip: View from the Brecherspitz mountain to Schliersee lake.

Schliersee from above
North ridge Brecherspitz, hike to Neuhaus – here a barely edited hiking photo taken at lunchtime, how it comes out of the camera in raw format, so you can see how the location looks realistic without image editing.

Another often successful angle one can take is the so-called counter-face photo, between the lower summit and the main summit of the Brecherspitz mountain.

The final ascent to the Brecherspitz (main summit)
Alpine hiking trail at the Brecherspitz

Did you enjoy this hike? Comment below and show us your best photos. If you are in the area and want to improve your photography, get in contact with us and we will create a beautiful day with lots of hiking and photography for you on a private photo workshop tour.

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