problem lightroom openes automatical wiht extern hard drive

How to prevent Lightroom from opening automatically when using an external hard drive or USB stick

Lightroom opens when you any external drive? How to fix this

A slightly annoying feature of Lightroom is that the program opens automatically as soon as an external data carrier is plugged into the computer.

When you use Lightroom and connect an external hard drive or USB stick to you computer or laptop, lightroom opens every time. As almost noone on the planet uses Lightroom every single time when connecting a usb stick, it’s less annoying to change this setting.

Personally i prefer this not-opning-automaticcally-setting much more than the standard setting.

Quick Lightroom setup: “Uncheck open if memory card detected”

problem lightroom openes automatical wiht extern hard drive
Lightroom problem: Prevent Lightroom dialogue box to open when you use a USB stick or external hard drive. Do it manually instead.

This feature can be turned off quickly by selecting “Preferences” in the menu item “Edit”.

In the dialog box, uncheck “Show import dialog box if memory card detected” and click “OK”.

That’s it.

When you connect an external hard drive or a USB stick Lightroom will not open automatically.

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    • Marius says:

      Hey Steve, i had exactly this problem on one of my devices (laptop) and it kept bothering my, too, for some time. I think it is Lightroom may overrride your Windows settings – i had that in Windows 10. The problem then might be AutoPlay of Windows. Using the search function type in “AutoPlay Settings”. In Windows 10, there will be 2 entries. One is for removable drives and the other is for a memory card. Change these to “Take No Action”. This should solve the problem.

      Don’t know about Mac, there might be a similar setting somewhere.


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