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How to make the perfect Ski Photo! Tips to Capture the Snowy Action Perfectly like a Pro-Photographer

Mountains and valleys covered with snow, icicles glisten in the sun, children pulling their sleds… winter offers a variety of fun activities and endless photo opportunities. If you follow a few tips when taking photos in the snow, you can later show that much more impressive work to your family and friends by the warm fireplace. These are our best photo tips for skiing, tobogganing, and many other fun activities during the winter.

Kalkkögel Via Ferrata – Meet “Little Brenta of Tyrol” on 13.5km Hike

If you ever tested your hiking skills in the Dolomites, a mountain range in northeastern Italy, the Kalkkögel via ferrata could remind you of some of its areas. In fact, with its traditional via ferrata parts, the Lustige Bergler Steig is reminiscent of the Southern Alps and is often called the “Little Brenta in Tyrol”. But there is nothing little about it, as you will find out if you join Mountain Moments on our next adventure in the Stubai Alps.

Innsbruck-Nordkette Via Ferrata Ridge Hike – Photo Gallery From the Eastern Alps

Photo galleries, visual documentation of a particular (or your life’s) journey, are beautiful things to create and a powerful tool we use during enjoyable recollection of past events. Innsbruck-Nordkette Via Ferrata is one of these hikes that will give extra substance to your story, and more often than not, you end up having a tough time deciding how to narrow down a picture collection you wish to show to others. This is a gift and a “curse” when you are skillful with your camera, like the crew at Mountain Moments. Take your camera, your hiking equipment, and join us on this amazing and challenging thrill hike in Innsbruck.

Strolling Through Innsbruck: Top-8 Most Beautiful Walks

For us, going for a walk means enjoying precious freedom. There are many great walks to experience in Innsbruck. Whether in the city, on the outskirts, or high up and near the mountain peak, you are offered a unique mountain panorama. The eight walks in Innsbruck that we present to you here are more than just a walk from the parking lot to the […]

5 Photo Spots and Viewpoints at Neuschwanstein Castle – The Most Beautiful Places to Visit

The dreamlike Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is probably the most popular sight for romantics and mountain lovers. During our countless visits on site, we have put together the list of 5 best photo spots and viewpoints. You will also find tips on how to get here and information about the specific locations that might interest you on this amazing trip.

Photo Spots Achensee: The 7 Most Beautiful Places and Sights + Hiking Tours

The Achensee is one of the most beautiful lakes in Tyrol and the Austrian Alps. It glitters in azure blue between the steep mountain slopes of the Karwendel and the Rofan Mountains. The Achensee is often referred to as the “Tyrolean Fjord” – a homage to its elongated shape and idyllic setting. We will show you the breathtaking places on Lake Achensee, as well as the strategic […]

A wonderful panoramic Day-Hike to Campanile di Val Montanaia in the Friulan Dolomites – Insider Tips!

Here at Mountain Moments, we like to share our passion and knowledge with others. In a world where you always learn and never reach perfection, it is always good to give depth to existing understanding, while sharing what we already know with hikers and photographers that enjoy nature as much as we do. On a Campanile di Val Montanaia hike, we are talking about a clear win-win situation.

Miraculous Merano Hike (easy/2hours) with amazing views – Mountains, Rivers, Vineyards, and Trauttmansdorf Castle!

Knowing how difficult some hiking expeditions can be, we can describe this particular Merano trip as a fun-size one. But it is in no way inferior when it comes to the content it provides, because not many destinations give so much variety. Characterized by dolce vita and surrounded by numerous impressive mountain ranges, the charming old town of Merano is the counterpart for sporty hikes in the Dolomites, and here you can find out how to experience this beauty by yourself.

Rolle Pass Hiking Trip Mapped Out! Capture the Pala Group Glitter in a Mountain Lake at Baita Segantini

Rolle Pass, which binds the Fiemme and Primiero valleys together, paves the way for hikers and nature-loving photographers who seek soul-healing sights and memorable “Kodak moments”. The peak of the Pala Group rises impressively into the sky and glitters in a mountain lake, and provides such visual pleasure. The small mountain lake at the Baita Segantini is considered a photographic highlight of the southern Dolomites, so don’t miss out. Check out the map, photo tips and tricks and be a part of the new Mountain Moments story.

Pian di Cengia – Quiet Alpine Hiking Paths With Photos That Scream Beauty

Mountain photography is an art in itself, and the sights the camera captures can be anywhere from inviting, colorful and playful, to imposing, misty and dramatic. It is the fuel for many backpackers, as they plan their hiking route and dream out their portfolio in advance. The Pian di Cengia path, which we cover here, is one of these dream-come-true adventures because results rarely disappoint.

Photo Diversity on Sentiero Delle Scalette Hike – Canyons, Valleys, and Antermoia Lake in a long day hike!

Every hike has its own unique story and narrative. Just like that, the Sentiero Delle Scalette trails bring wild and romantic gorges, brittle high valleys, and a breathtakingly situated mountain lake – and they combine it into a fairytale with a happy ending. The Larséc group lies somewhat in the shadow of the famous Catinaccio (Rosengarten) massif, and this 18-kilometer backpacking route is waiting for its main character – you.

Risk and Reward on Augstmatthorn – Hike on the Steep Meadow Ridge in the Swiss Alps!

Augstmatthorn, a mountain range in the Emmental Alps is not easy to reach and cover, but that does not stop experienced hikers in their tracks. More than that, the sights this location provides motivate the less experienced backpackers and nature photographers to gain the needed experience, so they could one day be safe on the kind of hiking adventure mentioned here. Are you skilled enough? If so, check out the map and our photography tips and trick, grab your hiking equipment, and join us.

Panoramic Hike in Val Ferret – Photograph the Sunny Side of Mont Blanc near Courmayeur

On a stretch of valleys known to many hikers and photographers as Val Ferret, southeast of Mont Blanc Massif, you can find your ticket to the sights and feelings no movie theatre would be able to provide or reproduce. Here we cover one very popular hiking route that will give you a chance to photograph Dent du Géant and Mont Blanc until your camera battery dies and shutter-release button falls off. Are you ready? We are, so join us!

Hiking at Aiguille du Midi! Intermediate Hiking Route in Mont Blanc Massif with Mer de Glace view

The Mont Blanc mountain range in the Alps, which touches Italy and Switzerland but is mostly located in France, has a very familiar name that “rings a bell” even to people who never considered a hiking expedition in the Alps. But you don’t have to be a pro to be backpacking there, and the example is the moderately easy hiking route Aiguille du Midi, which we cover below. Find out why this is such a popular destination among hikers and photographers.

Sunset Hike – Discover Why Queen Rigi is More Than Just a Mountain – Panoramic Hiking in Central Swiss Alps!

Your Majesty, how beautiful you are! Rigi, known as the Queen of the Mountains and located in Central Switzerland, is full of grace and high in stature, just like true royalty. Always looked up to, never looked down on, the Rigi itself is a mountain range with several peaks that stretches from Chänzeli over Rotstock, Hochflue, and to the Urmiberg for about 10 kilometers. This hiking trail is a hit amongst hikers and photographers, and we invite you to join us on our next trip. Check out the map and photography tips and tricks below.

Easy Hike to Lake Bled Viewpoint – the Most Photographed Attraction of the Slovenian Alps

Don’t let the size of Slovenia fool you. This small country, bordered by four neighbors (Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Italy) and the Adriatic Sea, packs a good punch when comparing the impact the wonders of nature have on people who decide to explore it. Take for example the little church in the middle of a small island on a lake surrounded by mountains. It looks even better than it sounds, and with the help of Mountain Moments, your can see for yourself.

Hike to Lac Noir in the Dauphine Alps – Take a Panoramic Tour and ejoy the best view on La Meije

Meije, a mountain in the French Alps so tall it’s second only to Barre des Écrins in the Écrins massif, is not a piece of cake as far as hiking difficulty goes, but it sure is worth every step. This backpacking route will also test your panorama-shooting techniques, from setting up the tripod to balancing the highlights and shadows, as you will want to make the most of the views in front of you. With Mountain Moments, this becomes much easier.