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Sunset Hike – Discover Why Queen Rigi is More Than Just a Mountain – Panoramic Hiking in Central Swiss Alps!

Your Majesty, how beautiful you are! Rigi, known as the Queen of the Mountains and located in Central Switzerland, is full of grace and high in stature, just like true royalty. Always looked up to, never looked down on, the Rigi itself is a mountain range with several peaks that stretches from Chänzeli over Rotstock, Hochflue, and to the Urmiberg for about 10 kilometers. This hiking trail is a hit amongst hikers and photographers, and we invite you to join us on our next trip. Check out the map and photography tips and tricks below.

Easy Hike to Lake Bled Viewpoint – the Most Photographed Attraction of the Slovenian Alps

Don’t let the size of Slovenia fool you. This small country, bordered by four neighbors (Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Italy) and the Adriatic Sea, packs a good punch when comparing the impact the wonders of nature have on people who decide to explore it. Take for example the little church in the middle of a small island on a lake surrounded by mountains. It looks even better than it sounds, and with the help of Mountain Moments, your can see for yourself.

Hike to Lac Noir in the Dauphine Alps – Take a Panoramic Tour and ejoy the best view on La Meije

Meije, a mountain in the French Alps so tall it’s second only to Barre des Écrins in the Écrins massif, is not a piece of cake as far as hiking difficulty goes, but it sure is worth every step. This backpacking route will also test your panorama-shooting techniques, from setting up the tripod to balancing the highlights and shadows, as you will want to make the most of the views in front of you. With Mountain Moments, this becomes much easier.

Your Light Rosengarten Backpacking – Photo Spot Wuhnleger Lake Mirrors Red Mountain Peaks

Beautiful Wuhnleger Pond, which belongs to Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park, is not beyond the photographer’s reach. Quite the opposite, a 45-minute walk from a starting point in Weisslahnbad is enough to arrive at this destination. Keep in mind that on this easy hiking route, it is only one of many attractions. So choose your point of view, set the exposure point, set your focus on the water, shoot, and prepare for what’s about to come.

Sciliar Massif Hike Crossing from Alpe di Suisi – Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens for Ultra Photo Results on this Uber-Panoramic Tour

There are plenty of hiking routes designed for every level of experience, while some other backpacking trails, like the 19-kilometer Sciliar Massif challenge covered here, remain out of reach – and serve as a motivation for reaching the next level. This long and spectacular tour leads from the Alpe di Siusi over the landmark of South Tyrol, and Mountain Moments will tell you everything you need to know to become a part of this experience.

Bachalpsee Lake – Rockstar of the Bernese Highlands (Hiking Map, Photo Tips & Tricks)

Bachalpsee Lake, located in Bernese Oberland, Switzerland, is so beautiful that Gmail, at one point, used its glory for a mountain-themed background. How cool is that! We bring you information about a moderately difficult 16-kilometer hiking route that will show you Bachalpsee in all its prestige. If you are up to the challenge, you are welcomed to join us.

World’s Most Famous Mountain Hut and Lake Seealpsee – An impressive Photo-Hike at Schäfler Mountain in Alpstein

When the hut is one of the main focal points of a hike, you know you are not dealing with ordinary, everyday hikers’ shelter. The Äscher Hut in northeastern Switzerland is the most prominent inn in the Alps, and one look at the photograph below will tell you how special it truly is. Just imagine being there and using it as a vantage point for your photography hike. Good news – with the help of Mountain Moments, you can!

The Best Photo Vantage Point in Switzerland? Backpack and Discover Saxer Lucke!

The catchphrase, “life was more simple back then” can probably be attributed to photography too, with way-back-when generations of cameras having a lot fewer buttons and editing opportunities. But with photo occasions that nature provides us with, we can’t be anything else than grateful for seemingly unlimited memory space and flexibility on our favorite time-freezer contraptions. Take the Swiss Alps for example, and the Saxer Lücke destination we cover here. If you are a photographer and a nature lover with experience in hiking, this is the place to be.

Heavenly Hike Towards Romantic Villnöss Chappel St.Ranui (St.John) in the Heart of Dolomites

The moment we separate from our daily digital lives to reconnect with nature is the moment we regain that old, familiar feeling of being one with the Earth. At that moment, the only digital thing we need is our camera, to forever capture the sights around us. The Villnöss Valley in the Dolomites is a beautiful example of that, which makes this 6-kilometer hiking route such a desirable expedition. Find out everything you need to know about your next outdoor adventure.

Long and easy Hike – Backpack through Alpe di Siusi and enjoy the biggest Alpine Pasture and the famous Photo Locations

Alpe di Siusi, the Largest Alpine Meadow in Europe, with its 56 square kilometers, and relatively easy hiking access, attract people of all ages, both individuals and groups. This family-friendly route offers so much to nature lovers and photographers, and the 18-kilometer path, to visitors’ delight, never seems to end. Explore all the detail below and joins us on the Dolomites.

Royal Photos of King’s Lake – Hiking Treasure Map to Berchtesgaden National Park

Here at Mountain Moments, we have many treasure maps, with plenty of clues and re-discoverable rewards that are shared, instead of plundered. The picture-perfect example is the Berchtesgadener Land, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany, and King’s lake (Königssee) and Upper Lake (Obersee) which come with the adjacent mountains and are reminiscent of Norwegian fjords. Bring your hiking equipment and your camera, and let’s sail (hike) toward this destination together.

Pinch Me Moment! Take This Neuschwanstein Dreamlike Hike Around the Fairytale Castle

On a 20-kilometer medium-difficulty dream hike to a Neuschwanstein castle, it is good to have company. There is a chance you will need to have witnesses, because some people may not believe the images were not drastically manipulated in Photoshop. You will hardly believe yourself, and you will realize why Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the biggest visitor magnets in the Bavarian Alps, and even Germany.

Hover Over Zillertal on a Suspension Bridge in Tyrol – Ice World Hike Mapped Out!

We will not hold you in a suspense about your next potential hiking adventure – a suspension bridge in Zillertal will do that. Look at some of the Mountain Moments photos below, and tell us, wouldn’t you like to be a person in this picture? Find out how to get there with the help of a map and other information provided below. This is a reasonably (not overly) difficult hiking trail in Austria, so take your camera, your hiking equipment and join us.