Photo Spots Tirol: The most beautiful places for great landscape pictures

Tyrol is a relatively neglected region for landscape photographers. In fact, it’s not a hidden secret that Tyrol is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Steep mountains, well-kept alpine meadows and a pleasant infrastructure make this small province in the west of Austria a popular destination for photographers. We have photographed almost every corner of these valleys and many of the surrounding mountains, and would like to present to you our best recommendations for photo spots in Tyrol.

Innsbruck from above

Does it get any better than this? Picturesque view from the Nordkette over Innsbruck.

As if planned to be the film set of a romantic fantasy epic, Innsbruck maybe the only enchanted city in the world that lays nestled in the middle of an alpine mountain world. The surrounding mountains are all accessible to hikers and the helpful gondolas there make the ascent and descent a piece of cake.

You are spoilt for choices with this coveted view from above: a delightful pick of the Nordkette mountain range or Patscherkofel mountain’s botanical gardens and ski area. Whether you climb the mountains on foot or take the gondola, the view is similarly mesmerizing. During a hike you will obviously spend more time in nature as well as achieve the glory of your own personal summit happiness.

Mountain Moments Tip: From the Nordkette you have the most impressive views of Innsbruck – from the southern side, the Nordkette mountain range forms a massive boundary wall around the city. Test both perspectives.

We offer photo courses, at short notice, for both of these locations. With our ‘Innsbruck Sunset Special’ Courses you will experience a sunset on the mountain with us. If you have a thight travel schedule, get private photo tour that is tailored to your travel itinerary.

Innsbruck Old Town

Innsbruck in Winter

Innsbruck’s old town is small, but very unique due to its alpine location. Particularly beautiful photo motifs can be found on Maria-Theresien-Straße (street) in both directions and in front of the Golden Roof with a view of the Nordkette mountain range in the background. The photo point at the market place is especially popular with a view of the colourful row of houses of the Maria-Hilf district above the river Inn. (Picture above: the market lies directly in front of the yellow building on the lower right, the gallery of houses is hidden behind the river bank on the far left)

Mountain Moments Tip: Have a sunset drink at the market place (Marktplatz), enjoy the last rays of the day and take pictures with a tripod shortly before or after sunset.


Tyrol’s Achensee from above

The landscape of Achensee lake inspires an audience worldwide – quickly accessible from Germany and very similar in form and shape to a Scandinavian fjord. Many photos have been taken here, definetly increasing the popularity of many instagram accounts.

Mountain Moments Tip: Our favourite spot is about one hour’s walk from the mountain station on Bärenkopf mountain – sure-footedness and a head for heights are prerequisites here.

We also offer photo courses and hiking experiences here at Achensee lake. You can comfortably and safely get to the best points and won’t have to worry about planning a thing. Please enquire about your desired date for an exclusive photo course at a hand-picked location.

Obernberg and Obernberger Lake

Tyrolean scenery in Obern valley near Brenner highway
Obernsee lake, another beautiful photo gem in Tyrol – the perfect not so crowdede summer hideaway for an easy hike

Well-kept alpine meadows, charming alpine huts and a clear mountain lake – for many this is the dream image of Tyrol. In Obernberg and at the Obernberger lake, you will discover a treasure trove of photographic delights. The church in Obernberg is picturesquely situated in front of an impressive mountain scenery. With only a short hike to the Obernberger lake, inspiration and glory waits for every hopeful photographic hobbyist.

Alpine sunrise and sunset

Great view from Nockspitze mountain to Innsbruck

Tyrol is famous for its vast ski resorts with thousands of lifts. Some of them can also be utilised splendidly in summer, to simplify the arduous way to the mountain tops, to experience a sunrise or sunset on mountain top, just in the nick of time.

If you would like to have this experience, but don’t dare to do it on your own – check out our current photo workshops, or ask directly for a private photo experience you will never forget! (just scroll a bit down on this page)


Picturesque mountain lake with incredible backdrop in Tyrol: Salfeins

Anyone who thinks of Austria and Tyrol, visually combines steep mountains with lush alpine pastures. Reflecting the incredible steep Kalkkögel mountains in the background, Salfeins lake is a true and classic photo spot, hidden in the Tyrolean mountains – often used in all kinds of Austrian advertising. Keep in mind that it’s a very steep hike up the path to this alpine pasture and it takes at least two hours to climb. Unfortunately, there is a chance that Salfeins lake would not have fulled up enough to achieve a reflection as in the picture above appearing as more of a pond.

Local Tip: Please do not litter, camp (forbidden) or mountainbike (also forbidden) here!

Alpine photo hiking tour

Alpine hiking in Tyrol. Bad weather also has its charms – as do details along the way.

Tyrol is known for its easily accessible mountains. Waiting for motivated hikers, in every direction outside the ski areas, is a very well signposted network of hiking trails. Join us on a multi-day photo hike and you will become completely immersed in the world of mountains and rekindle your connection with nature – you can stay overnight in one of the many alpine huts – food, a roof over your head and a bed, provided so that you can concentrate on your landscape and mountain photography.

Would you like to experience these top photo locations and sights by yourself? Book your photo course in Tyrol now and turn your holiday in Tyrol into a photo adventure! Private photo tours please inquire directly here.

So far our list of favourite locations and photo spots Tirol. What are your favourite spots? Which one do you find the most beautiful?

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