Photo Spots Tirol: The most beautiful places for great landscape pictures

Tyrol is a relatively neglected region for landscape photographers.…
Kochelsee in the morning light

Top 10 photo spots - The most beautiful places in the Bavarian Alps

Steep mountains, gentle hills, picturesque lakes, breathtaking…
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The King Tour of the Northern Alps: Hiking in the Alpstein Mountains

The most beautiful hike in the Northern Alps leads through the…
Problem solution: Lightroom does not recognize RAW format of the new camera

What to do when Lightroom does not support RAW format of your new camera

If you buy a new camera and shoot in raw format, you'll sometimes…
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Practical Photo Tip: How to Import XMP Files into Lightroom

You have XMP files for your image files and want to import them…
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How to Save XMP files in Lightroom - Why you need this important Lightroom trick

Photo workflow Tip: Lightroom default setting XMP - Saving files:…
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How to prevent Lightroom from opening automatically when using an external hard drive or USB stick

Lightroom opens when you any external drive? How to fix thisA…
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The 10 most beautiful and instagramable places in Germany for photographers

Germany is often wrongly portrayed as a boring country. From…
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My 7 most beautiful photo locations in the Dolomites beyond Instagram

The most beautiful mountains in the world - this is how the…