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Local tipps for a Photo Tour and Photo Spots in Heidelberg

Photo Tour Heidelberg

Planning a trip to Germany? Head on to Heidelberg for one of the finest photo tours Germany has to offer! The city of Heidelberg is a tourist magnet for good reason. It is also a student town, attracting many students to the oldest University in Germany. Heidelberg is a superb location for a photo tour – an old city filled to the brim with history.

Tip: Best time for a photo tour of Heidelberg is in autumn.

It’s less crowded than in winter with the christmas markets madness, colors are more vivid and it’s usually not that cold ;)

Many people are familiar with the old town of Heidelberg. This is not surprising since it lies at the geographical mouth of the Neckar river which leads into the upper Rhine valley. The Odenwald, an 80km stretch of mountains, closes at the old town which lies in the Rhine Valley. This geographical peculiarity is not only very pleasing to us central europeans, but also to numerous tourists from all over the world.

Discover Heidelberg on a photo tour in the fall.

The Heidelberg Castle and the Old Town at sunset.
The Heidelberg castle and the old town at sunset
Heidelberg on a photo tour in the fall

Heidelberg has probably already been photographed from all angles and corners by countless people – and not without good reason. It is a rarity, especially in the German state of Baden Württemberg, to find an old town so well preserved. Heidelberg nestles between the hills of the Odenwald mountain range, running along the Neckar river from the west and onto to the Karlstor – a triumphal arch, built in the 1700’s to honor Prince Carl Theodor. Schloss Heidelberg – the famous medieval castle – contains the largest wine barrel in the world, a well preserved Apothecary and is accompanied by all kinds of knights tales and ancient legends.

Heidelberg photo tour

Those of you embarking on a photo tour through Heidelberg should not just stay in the old town, but also adventure outwards. Take a one to two hour walk along the Philosophenweg (directly translated as Philosophers walk) for some of the most beautiful angles. From the northern side you have a particularly harmonious view of the old town – the sun terraces, medieval castle and Kaiserstuhl range of hills inviting you to linger and get a little lost.

Photo tour Heidelberg: Sunset

beautiful places in Heidelberg

Once you reach the top, follow the signs and find a nice spot to take your time and frame a composition. Enjoy the scenery, clean up after yourself, and then follow the signs back down to the old city. Cross the old bridge and go straight until you find directions to the Old Castle. Follow them uphill or alternatively take the tram.

Heidelber Sunset

We offer private photo tours in Heidelberg. If you wish to have a professional photo guide to accompany your trip to Heidelberg and show you not only the best insta spots, but also up your photo game, get in contact with us now.

The Heidelberg Castle in the light of the sun at sunset
The Heidelberg Castle bathing in sunset light

At sunset there are many beautiful places in Heidelberg. My personal favourite is the terrace next to the castle. One’s gaze wanders in the last sunlight: from the old town to the Palatinate forest, ultimately disappearing behind the horizon. Photographically, this location is beautiful, but requires some experience if you want to take any balanced pictures home with you. Photographers will often aim their cameras during the evening sun with the shady sides of the castle and houses in the foreground.

Directions: Photo tour around Heidelberg

Our advice is to start at the old bridge in the old city. Cross the river and follow the signs up to Philosophenweg (Philosophers way). It will lead you uphill for around 15-20 minutes.

Walk around the castle to the gardens. On your left you will see the big terrasse. Go there to take the perfect sunset photo of an illuminated castle and the old city. After sunset, walk back down to the old city center and enjoy its welcoming culture.

Find more photo spots in Europe on our Photo Spot page and get inspired.

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