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Italys most northern tip, South Tyrol, is one of the most spectacular regions for photography and it is entirely in the Alps. Forming part of the Southern Limestone Alps that also run through South Tyrol, the Dolomites are widely known as the most beautiful mountain range in the world. Other famous sites in the province are the Vinschgau Valley and Meran – the alpine pearl.

In this article we show you what we think are the most beautiful photo locations in South Tyrol. Many of these photo locations and places of interest are easily reached by everyone, but some of them can only be hiked on foot.

The most wonderful photo spots in South Tyrol

Geographically, and also for your photographic trip or hike, there are three ways to discover South Tyrol, which make sense. We recommend following this order:

1.The Dolomite mountains – 2.The city of Meran – 3.Vinschgau valley

It’s for this reason that the photo guide is structured exactly in this order.

Photo Spot: The Dolomite Mountains

Church St. Magdalena in front of the Geisler group of mountains

Among landscape photographers, the small church of St. Magdalena is probably the most famous photo location in the Dolomites . The Lush green grass, a romantic chapel and the threateningly steep and jagged peaks of the Geisler mountain range in the background – a combination that any landscape photographer obviously cannot resist.

Karersee (Lake Carezza) and Latemar mountain

Lake Karersee lies directly off South Tirols main road and is a must see location for photographers that venture into the Dolomite mountain range. It is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the Alps.

Thanks to the parks erected barriers, the water of the lake is clean and crystal clear and when there is no wind the steep rocky crags of Latemar mountain reflect off of the water. It’s an incomparably unique photo location, especially in overcast weather.

Mountain Moments Tip: Please keep to the barrier! The local nature conservation authorities have not set these up without reason.

Pragser Wildsee – Lago di Braies
Due to the limited rain and snow in spring, the Braies Lake carries much less water than normal

Another popular lake regularly photographed in the Alps is the Braieser Wildsee. This spot inspires millions of Instagram users to pose for selfies. It also has direct access from the parking lot. Framing the rowing boat hut with the lake as the foreground, and the typically steep rock faces of the Dolomites in the background is a composition that has been repeated a million times, especially for selfie photography.

Mountain Moments Tip: Please do not climb on the footbridge, over the hut or over the boats like everyone else does.

The Three Peaks
The famous Three Peaks, one of the most famous mountain photo spots worldwide. Photo: S. End
The famous Three Peaks, one of the most famous mountain photo spots worldwide. Photo: C. Gottardi
The famous ‘Three Peaks’, one of the most famous mountain photo spots worldwide. Photo: S. Migaj

The ‘Tre Cime di Lavaredo’ hike is up there with the most renowned photo hikes of the Alps. But those who have paid the very juicy toll into the Rifugio Auronzo mountain in (approx. 25 euros) can also easily do this hike in flip-flops – in fact, we have personally seen some ladies in high heels here. We hope the rough rock here will adapted to their choice of shoes ;).

Landscape photographers often choose a perspective of the sunset from the hiking trail which starts east of the Three Peaks. A great option is to stay overnight in the ‘Der Zinnen’ Hut and then include it in your composition.

Do you want to know how to put these photo spots in the right light? Read our guide for better mountain pictures or learn how to take better landscape photos in general in this tutorial.

By the way, we also offer photo courses and photo workshops in the Dolomites – in addition to individual guidance through each composure, we will lead you to all the best possible viewpoints. We always put safety first, as well as making sure you never have to worry about planning a single thing, so that you can enjoy your photographic adventure to the max.

You have a special wish, want personal advice from a mountain photography pro or you are limited in your time in the area? Book a private photo tour in the Dolomites to get the best out of this experience.

Seiser alpine pasture and the Langkofel and Plattkofel mountains

When it comes to landscape photography in the Alps, the Seiser alpine pasture is one of the most attractive photo locations to photograph – have a look at our photography course offers here. Seiser Alm, The largest high alpine pasture in the Alps offers a uniquely cultivated alpine landscape, comfy alpine huts, easy hiking trails and breathtaking views of the Sassolungo and Plattkofel mountains.

When your gondola ride from the town of Ortisei comes to the end of its journey, you will soon understand why this top station is one of the most popular photo spots in the north-eastern area of South Tyrol.

Need to see more photo spots in the Dolomites? Try our article: the most beautiful places in the Dolomites for landscape photographers.

2) Photo spots: The spa town of Meran

An enjoyable stroll through an alpine pearl
Breathtaking alpine views and the wonderful town of Meran
a dream view of Meran

Meran, the northernmost city in Italy has a real ‘dolce vita’ flair and lies at the foot of the Vinschgau Valley. Surrounded by many high mountains, which are outnumbered by even more castles, Meran is considered the alpine pearl of South Tyrol. Italian coffee culture and the regular bright sunshine attract numerous visitors to this small South Tyrolean town.

For an enjoyable walk through Meran, we recommend our 2-hour photo tour. Find out for yourself if the rumours of Empress Sissi are true? – Discover the most charming corners and photo spots the beautiful town of Meran has to offer.

Schloss Trautmannsdorff

Photo: Gardens of Trauttmansdorff castle

Trautmannsdorff castle and its famous garden are a few kilometres outside the city of Meran. This beautifully restored castle faces an azure lake in an amphitheatre of meticulously landscaped gardens. The mountains tower defensively in the background now as they did when it was built. It’s a very special and unique viewpoint and a sight not to be missed by photographers when they venture into Italy.

Get more Mountain Moment tips on the most beautiful photo spots of Meran in this article.

Kaltern am Kalterer See

A photo tip for wine connoisseurs in the South Tyrol area is Kaltern. Located about 20 kilometres south of Meran, this old wine village is a special treat for connoisseurs and wine lovers alike. Local products are served and tasted in time-honoured wine cellars, and the village centre in Kaltern and Tramin always invite you to linger.

3) Fotospots im Vinschgau

Altgraun the Sunken church tower of Reschensee lake
Photo spot at Reschensee lake: The sunken church tower of Altgraun. Photo: P. tree

On the border between Austria and Tyrol, the sunken church tower is a magnet which pulls tourists in their droves to Reschensee lake. Several old settlements had to be abandoned during the damming of this important reservoir in the 1940s. The church tower, the only survivor, rising out of the water as a witness of these old times. A quick snapshot and a good stroll along the lake and the history of this place invites you to stay and wonder about how those times old were.

Ortler mountain
The second greatest photo spot at Reschensee lake. The view from the south to the Ortler massif
Ortlerblick – a closeup view of the Königsspitze mountain and Gran Zebru north faces

Enormously, the mountain looks out over Reschensee lake from a southerly direction. with one of the largest north faces in the Alps as well as the title of the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps, the massive northern flank of Ortler mountain is a majestic site that rises out to greet you. Among alpinists, Ortler mountain is one of the most famous and notorious places in the eastern Alps – with its mighty glacier and summit ridge to the Königsspitze mountain (Italian: Gran Zebru).

The first daylight touches the Ortler and Königsspitze peaks, offering an especially good photo opportunity.

Stelvio Pass

The pass road to the Stelvio Pass is impressive both in terms of driving and viewing. Photo: J. Wimmerlin

Another sight in the upper Vinschgau Valley is Stelvio Pass. The road over the pass is a place of longing for motorcyclists and alpine fans alike. But the road itself is not the only highlight.

At the top of the Passo Stelvio, a little surprise awaits snow sports fans: one of the last, if not the only, summer ski areas in the Alps! Depending on the amount of snow on the roads at the small glacier, the ski slopes facing Ortler mountain only open between April and June and are only open during summer.

Thats it for our list of favourite locations and photo spots in South Tyrol. Which are your favourite spots? Which ones do you find to the most beautiful? Did we perhaps leave a special place out?
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