Photo Spots Innsbruck: The 6 best photo locations in Innsbruck

Innsbruck is a town that is uniquely surrounded by mountains. The Tyrolean capital is known worldwide for its beautifully preserved old town and even more so for its unique scenic points. We would like to introduce you to some more of our favourite photo locations as well as give you some great insider tips on the ‘when’s and where’s’ of visiting ththis spectacular town.

Photo Spots Innsbruck: The 6 best photo locations in Innsbruck

Inn river bank in Mariahilf district

Innsbruck in Winter

Winter wonderland Innsbruck.

A particularly popular photo location in Innsbruck is the colorful row of houses of Mariahilf above the Inn River. When standing at the ‘Marktplatz'(marketplace), everybody and anybody can easily shoot a great photo souvenir of this vibrant site to take home with them. The colorful houses are typical for Innsbruck and the impressive slopes and mountain peaks of the Nordkette mountain range serve as the the perfect alpine background for your composition.

Mountain Moments Tip: Have a sun downer at the marketplace, enjoy the last rays of the day and take pictures with a tripod shortly before or after sunset.

The classic Innsbruck Instagram view: From the marketplace (“Marktplatz”) facing north direction. Pro tip #1: take a photo at/after sunset – Pro tip #2: the photo is always a bit “crooked” due to the structure so it won’t look perfect without some post-processing

How about a guided photo tour through Innsbruck combined with all the best photo highlights and viewpoints? We would love to share the joy we have in these beautiful places with you as well as give you many helpful tips and tricks on how to make better pictures along the way. If you have a specific travel schedule, ask for a private city or mountain tour close to Innsbruck.

Photo enthusiasts with a lot camera experience tend to choose our easy photo course to make sure they don’t miss out on any of the best views of Innsbruck. If you arrive on a Thursday, make sure to enquire about our sunset special!

Goldenes Dachl: The Golden Roof

Old town bustle with the Golden Roof.

The Golden Roof is a famous landmark of Innsbruck and the center of attraction for countless bus loads of tourists every day. Landscape photographers should do their best to get out in the early hours of the morning, as the forecourt is crowded with people during the day and evening.

The view is particularly kitschy during the pre-Christmas period, when the annual Christmas market takes place. Usually there is a slightly elevated vantage point at the Christmas market, directly in the Maria-Theresien-Straße, so that you can have a better view.

View over Innsbruck: The Bergisel Ski jump tower

New Year’s Eve celebrations in Innsbruck, Austria, 1.1.2017

The Bergisel ski jump is slightly elevated and within walking distance anywhere in Innsbruck. From here you have a great overview of the city – frames by the steep Nordketten mountain. Those who are afraid of heights, or entrance fees, can simply stroll around the restaurant and use one of the obvious other viewpoints as a photo location.

Maria Theresien Street

The Liberation Monument in Innsbruck at Eduard-Wallnöfer-Place (formerly: Landhausplatz). It is only one side-street away from Maria-Theresien-Street

Maria Theresien Street is located in the center of Innsbruck. Most of the well known Innsbruck photospots can be discovered in or around this street: The Charming colourful houses, the ‘Victory Column’ and the Triumphal Arch, all made even more interesting with the alpine mountain backdrop.

In our opinion, the ideal time for Innsbruck is right after a snowfall, when the mountains are freshly snowed  and the air is bone chilling cold.

The authentic city view

View from the Innsbruck city center to the mountains. Some Innsbruckers take such pictures from their desks ;)
Nordkette view from the Innsbruck city center

The rents in Innsbruck are comparable with large cities, but the high class residents here have the extra benefit of unique alpine surroundings right from their dwellings. From the 360° Bar and the Rooftop Bar of the Adlers, similarly impressive views can be experienced. Both places are very popular, especially in the evening, so if you are planning a romantic date with your camera, you should make a booking in advance.

Nordkette Mountain Range: The city from above

Does it get any better than this? Picturesque view from the Nordkette over the town of Innsbruck

The Nordkette mountain range is one of the only high alpine points that can be reached directly from a city without effort. From the station Congress take the train to Hungerburg station. From there the Nordketten gondola takes you 1200 meters in altitude difference. In just 30 minutes. and with very little effort you will be standing in the breathtaking high alpine terrain of the Karwendel mountain range. The valley view from up here to the Inn Valley and Innsbruck is 100% majestic.

Sunrise high above the town with this unique view! Yoga poses are optional :)

Do you want to learn how to frame these photospots into an amazing compostion for your portfolio? We are pleased to offer you guided alpine photography courses in and around Innsbruck. If you would rather go and explore Innsbruck on your own, you now know our best tips for photography in Innsbruck. If you plan to arrive on a Thursday, enquire about our sunset tour as well.

The new concrete block at Patscherkofel

Bonus tip: Photo hiking around Innsbruck

Around the Innsbruck local mountains you will find numerous hiking tours with a great view of the Inn river valley and the capital city of Innsbruck. In our opinion the best way to explore Innsbruck as a photographer is from the unique perspective of the mountains, down into the picturesque alpine capital.

If you need a local guide, check our photo tours in Innsbruck and Tirol or get a private guide for your Innsbruck experience. Our guides show you the best photo locations, insta spots and even more secret spots around town.

That’s it for our list of favourite locations and photo spots in Innsbruck. If you enjoyed these tips or want to share your own pictures and experiences of Innsbruck, feel free to leave a comment below or share via social media with the hashtag #mountainmoments. Thank you.

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