Photographing in Munich’s local mountains: The Herzogstand

From Heimgarten to the Herzogstand mountain you will be treated to the most beautiful hikes in Munich’s local mountains. Let’s go on a short photo tour, high above Walchensee lake and the foothills of the Alps, taking directions and many photo impressions from one of our most popular photo workshops.

Photographing in Munich’s local mountains

Imperial view from the Herzogstand
View over Krün and Mitenwald to the Stubai Alps and the main Alpine ridge
At the Heimgarten summit
Mountain summit-light mood
Benediktenwand mountain ridge in red light ;)
classic photographer’s view from the Herzogstand summit

Heimgarten Hiking Tour Directions: Walchensee lake to Herzogstand mountain

Parking can be found at Walchensee lake near the Herzogstandbahn cable car. Follow the direction signs from the H5 to Heimgarten. Firstly, walk through the resort of Walchensee, you will quickly enter the forest growing along the creek. From here it winds for a while over many, many steps uphill. After hiking a short stretch downhill – for about 1.5 to 2 hours – you will reach an alpine pasture in a saddle. Please refrain from taking a shortcut here. All the unmarked paths either end in a dead end or in no mans land. The main path, clearly visible and signposted, leads uphill for about an hour to Heimgarten mountain. Take a rest at the Heimgarten hut on the mountain top.

Finally, follow the ridge path to the right in the direction of Herzogstand mountain. The trail is well constructed and secure, but you should still be sure-footed and free from vertigo. After about 2 hours you will reach the Herzogstand Pavilion. From here, the only way to a hard earned rest – and perhaps a local meal and beverage – is a downhill path to the Herzogstand hut. When you are ready to continue, rejoin the path and continue past the hut. Take the path that veers off to the right hand side. It leads on for approximately 2 hours, back to the parking area of the Herzogstand cable railway – the starting point of this hike.

More pictures of the wonderful Herzogstand hike

Would you like to experience this amazing hiking tour or a similarly photographic one? Check out our photo workshops! On these tours we offer alpine photo courses that combine hiking adventures and landscape photography. You will learn to improve your photography in some of the most magnificent locations the Alps have to offer!

We’ll continue now with even more pictures. All the pictures on this blog post were taken during one of these photo courses.

The Benediktenwand in the picturesque and mystical morning light
Light shows over Munich’s local mountains
The Wetterstein Mountains in the morning light
View over Kochelsee lake and Bavaria
At the Heimgarten summit with a view of Germany
The Walchensee lake in the cloud light show
Adequate footwear not absolutely necessary ;)
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