The most beautiful sights on the Moselle River for photography lovers

The Moselle is one of the most romantic rivers in Germany. The Grapes grown on its slanted fertile banks have supported the traditional wines in this area since the time of the Roman empire. While Adventuring between the vineyards, traditional wine-growing villages, romantic towns on a well-constructed cycle path, those with a thirst for culture will certainly find it here. In combination with the many palaces and castles found along the wild valley, a photo tour along the Moselle river is one of Germany’s most scenic. We would like to present to you our favourite and most beautiful photo spots on the Moselle river.

The Moselle
The Moselle and Reichsburg Cochem

Photo locations on the Moselle – the most beautiful places of interest

The Castle of Reichsburg Cochem

Castle Cochem at night
Castle Cochem at night
Cochem Castle, Reichsburg Cochem and the Moselle river from an elevated point of view

Castle Cochem rests protectively on a cone hill above the town of Cochem. It is situated in the trough of a valley which was cut into the earth over many thousands of years by the Moselle river. Our suggested photo locations are from the bridge over the Moselle, which leads directly into Cochem town or from the hiking trail car park, found on road B259.

The castle, as well as the castle garden, are a true treasure trove of great photographic opportunities. Cochem, the town itself, is probably the most popular tourist hotspot on the Moselle. However, there are many secrets here too, hidden amongst the tiny little houses and alleys, waiting to bring your unique photographic style to life.

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Castle Eltz

3 Burg Eltz at night and a touch of the Milky Way (yes, next time we better plan ;))
Burg Eltz at night and a touch of the Milky Way – yes, next time we better plan ;)

This majestic castle is one of the main tourist attractions in Germany. Made famous by every single Instagrammer, ever, that felt the urge to take a picture of Eltz Castle. Hardly any other castle is as well preserved as Burg Eltz. It lies in a picturesque side valley of the Moselle and is know for its intriguing shape.

Mountain Moments Tip: If you go early in the morning or late in the evening to the castle, the tourist masses and accompanying hoard of photographers – will have disappeared. Burg Eltz is particularly beautiful in autumn when it is foggy.

We recommend taking the one hour hike from the Münden car park.

Moselle Loop

The Moselle loop at Bremm
The Moselle loop at Bremm. Tip: Take a wide angle lens with you (and make sure not to forget to take it with you on the hike, like we did ;))

As a tributary to the mighty Rhine river, which eventually runs into the North sea, the Moselle river has never run straight. Its deeply cut valleys result in many meandering winds and loops.

The Mosel loop near Bremm is a particularly narrow loop and, therefore, particularly suitable from a photographic point of view. The most beautiful photo spots are:

  • the point at Calmont
  • the high-altitude hiking trail
  • via ferrata above Bremm.

From Bremm, take the L106 in the direction of Beuren/Westen and follow the signs to the ‘Calmont hiking’ car park. You will reach your destination after an easy 1km walk. Alternatively, you can hike about 1 hour from Bremm through the picturesque wine terraces.

Are you interested in more photo spots in Germany and Europe’s most beautiful landscapes? Then discover over 300+ more photo spots in our popular overview page.

Tradiotional winegrowing villages (Winzerdörfer)

Wildly romantic winegrowing villages along the Moselle
Wildly romantic winegrowing villages along the Moselle – Tip: Hike the Moselle Trail for particularly beautiful views

Along the Moselle, especially between Piesport and Cochem, one romantic winegrowing village follows the next. Here, countless old wineries, wine cellars, taverns and half-timbered houses are waiting to be discovered. Photographically, a several day cycle tour along the Moselle river would give you enough time and leisure to frame these breathtaking pearls.

The local winegrowers are particularly popular and definitely recommended. It is not without reason that Moselle wine is known and appreciated all over the world – the steep, barren vineyards shape the vines and make them particularly tasty.

Many winegrowers offer wine tastings and direct sales from their cellars. The best thing to do is to plan your wine tasting(s) for dinner, plan a taxi ride or book a hotel nearby ;).

Steep vineyards

6 Steep vineyards in lush summer green
Steep vineyards in lush summer green – here at Piesport

All along the Moselle River, Moselle wine is cultivated. The cultivation also reaches into the steepest and most barren rocky soils. In the summer the slopes shine in rich green, in the autumn, shortly before the grape harvest, the red-yellow vines dip down the slopes into a colorful sea of color.

Mountain Moments Tip: Capture the autumn colors just before or during the grape harvest. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a mystical high-fog atmosphere early in the morning.

Castles and palaces – photography along the Moselle river

Bernkastel with Castle
Bernkastel with Castle ruins

In addition to the famous Eltz Castle, many other castles and palaces are waiting to be discovered. We don’t have a “best of” list of castles in this list of sights on the Moselle; there are simply too many beautiful locations to list here individually. We don’t want to take away the spirit of discovery, either!

Here you may view Bernkastel-Kues; Traben-Trarbach, the longest suspension bridge in Germany; and much more. If, by chance, no castle is visible, don’t despair, the next Mosel loop will surely bring a new photo jewel.

Our tip is an excursion by bike or train along the Moselle and to rest where you like it most. With bike and train you can stay spontaneously and can discover the region with leisure so you don’t have to rush along your travel list.

Trier and the Porta Nigra

Porta Nigra in Trier
Porta Nigra in Trier

The most western starting point on the German Mosel tour is the city of Trier. The main attraction there is the Porta Nigra, a stately Roman city gate and landmark of the city.

Nowadays the massive city gate loses themselves in the cityscape and the mass tourism. If you fade this out and put yourself back in the time of the Romans, you can nevertheless feel the force with a powerful radiance.

For photographers, the “Porta” is a challenge: crowds of people, a close by modern cityscape and the dark colors challenge the landscape photographer.

Are you on your way to the Mosel to take pictures? What are your favourite photo locations on the Mosel? Comment below, share the joy of photography :)

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Are you interested in more photo spots in Germany and Europe’s most beautiful landscapes? Then discover over 300+ more photo spots in our popular overview page.

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