Ötztal is one of the most popular valleys in Tyrol. From Haiming to the valley basin of Vent and the breathtaking slopes of Obergurgl, many thrilling outdoor Activities – or just some Relaxation – wait here to be enjoyed by you. In this article we present to you the most beautiful places in Ötztal with the finest photo spots. In addition to tips for beautiful hikes, you will also find our two most popular viewpoints in the ski areas of Sölden and Obergurgl, which you definitely should not miss.

The 7 most beautiful photo spots in Sölden and Ötztal

1. Gletscherblick Tiefenbachbahn

A glacial view from the Sölden ski area over to the Wildspitze mountain and into the Pitztal valley. Fortunately not yet spoiled by ski lifts. Photo: D. Maliepaard

High up amidst the glacier ski area of Sölden, the mountain station of  Tiefenbachbahn is a picturesque vantage point. It’s not without reason that a viewing platform has been placed at this scenic photo spot.

The views over the icy worlds of the Pitztal valley will test the limits of your widest lens. From the immense Mittelbergferner glacier to Wildspitze – Tyrols largest mountain – as well as the Taschachferner glaciers and over the ancient Ötztal Alps.

 Skiing in Sölden.

2. Moonlight bathing in the thermals of Längenfeld – Wellness for connoisseurs

The Längenfeld thermal spa is located in the middle of the Ötz valley and is a prime choice for wellness lovers and connoisseurs. Warm lights beautifully illuminate steaming outdoor pools: setting a night scene which may inspire exciting photo motifs. But due to the textile free zones on offer here, taking photos is prohibited as the privacy of the other guests is to be respected at all times. If you have a special moment to capture such as a memoir of how you spent your honeymoon, ask the staff explicitly in advance and it may be permitted. If permission is granted we recommend the moonlight swimming scene to photographers.

For those who like it even more luxurious: the spa area in the Hotel zur Therme Längenfeld offers exclusive pampering and relaxation at a very high level. The east facing heated pools are a dream, especially in the evening light. Here too, it is equally imperative that before you take any pictures you ask the staff beforehand and never take pictures of other people without their permission!

Important: This is private property and photography is prohibited. You need the permission of the owner or an employee. Do not photograph other people without their permission! This would not only be impolite, but it is an intrusion into their privacy and may lead to legal action.

3. Piburger See – the spectacular alpine lake

A dive into the cool, alpine wet – Lake Piburg is the most beautiful mountain lake in the Ötztal
Sunset at Lake Piburg

On hot summer days there is nothing more refreshing than jumping into cool alpine water. Lake Piburg is the first – and only -natural location in the Ötztal valley that is already heated up for bathing as early as spring. The natural lake with its shady shores invites one to take a midday nap or read that new romace novel surrounded by a high variety of protected flora and fauna. There isn’t much space on the steep banks, but after a leisurely stroll around the lake you’re sure to find an idyllic place to set up camp. Remember to leave it better than you found it.

At your own risk: In some places on the eastern shore, you can also take a dive into the lake.

4. Wurmkogel mountain station: The most spectacular vantage point in Obergurgl/Hochgurgl

Wide views – deep into the Passeier Valley of Italy

This magnificent vantage point in the Obergurgl-Hochgurgl ski area is located at the top of the cable car station on Wurmkogel mountain. Here the view sweeps over the Königstal mountain into the Passeiertal vally, over the Stubaier Alps to the far Ötztal alpine valley.

The unique view from Wurmkogel – the restaurant is situated directly at the top station of the lift, just below the summit
Freeriding in Obergurgl

A little coffee break at the panorama restaurant/bar situated on Wurmkogel’s peak has rarely been known to harm a photographer.

A slightly better panoramic view can be achieved by taking the 30-meter climb to Wurmkogel’s summit.

5. Zwieselbachtal – high alpine charm and tranquillity

Zwieselbachtal hike into the Sellrain: It may take long but the breathtaking views more than make up for it ;)
 Here on the Sellrainer Hüttenrunde trail the world is still in order

Where the Zwieselbachtal valley turns off in front of the Ötztal valley you will find Niederthai. There are no ski lifts and Ballermann type parties here, but rather a simple natural state of peace and quiet – and the impressive mountain panoramas. Along the beautiful hiking trails you will find enough peace and quiet and an unspoilt valley that allows for macro and micro photography. Let your soul unwind and relax while taking some pictures – here, you are probably on your own anyway.

On foot, it’s a few kilometres walk along an easy road to the Schweinfurter Hütte (huts). Here the Zwieselbachtal opens up and offers a view of the untouched alpine high valley.  From here, sporty photographers can climb various peaks: for example via the Finstertaler Sennhütte(huts) or to the Finstertaler Scharte or along the entire valley to the Zwieselbachjoch.


Got inspired for a photo hiking trip in Sölden/Ötztal? If you want to connect with fellow hikers and photographers join one of our group photo tours in the valley. We also offer private photo hiking tours and workshops in Ötztal – those are the perfect match if you are on a thight travel schedule or are already in the valley and looking for outstanding things to do.

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