Explore the 7 best instagramable photo locations in the Algarvehandpicked by a pro landscape photograhper. The Algarve in southern Portugal, is a fantastic area to photograph the sea and coastline as well as to relax and unwind. Voted the best place to retire, its no wonder why more and more tourists from all over the world become enchanted by the way of life here as well as the ensemble of sea, cliffs and rock formations.

There are year round T-shirt temperatures in the Algarve, yes even in winter. The most south-western corner of Europe attracts winter ‘refugees’ every year with its azure skies, rugged cliffs and relaxed lifestyle. An especially suitable place for those landscape photographers who have an allergy for the cold.

The view in some places is so breathtakingly beautiful that you could spend days, trapped in one place by the charm alone. Walking around, in the beginning of December in T-shirts, beads of sweat runs down our forehead and backs. Yes, we chose this fate voluntarily, and some what strategically, escaping a harsh winter, adhering to natures most vigorous push to migrate. In this article we reveal the most spectacular photo spots in the Algarve region between Faro, Portugal’s southern capital and the Atlantic Ocean.

Photo spots Algarve: The most beautiful photo locations in the south of Portugal

Ponte da Piedade at Sunrise

Our favourite coast in the is only a few steps away from the centre of Lagos. At sunrise the light hits the steep curve here forming a spectacular view.

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Sunset at Cabo de São Vicente

Costa Vicentina is the western portion of the Algarve and as a national park is hardly developed. These lonely coastal sections are legendary among surfers, but also for photography, hiking or simply just relaxing at one of the most pleasant places in Europe – especially in early winter.

Old villages

Everywhere in the Algarve and especially in the interior, you will find many small villages. Sadly, some are dying out, while others are still alive and well. We recommend going on a personal tour of discovery to find your own unique perspective and compostions.

PRAIA DA MARINHA and other spectacular cliffs

The region between Lagos and Portimao offers some of the best opportunities for some amazing photography. Along the cliffs, you will find numerous rugged rock formations that capture and train the photographic eye.

Come and join us on a tour to photograph the most scenic spots while hiking along the coast and if you have been here already feel free to share your photos, experiences and tips with the community in the comments section below. Sharing is caring.

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