Stubaital is a large glacial ski area and is one of the most famous tourist regions in Tyrol. The mountains that make up the glacier’s surroundings offer inspiration and fulfilment to nature lovers and sportsmen alike, both in winter as well as in summer. In this article, we would like to point you to our six favourite photo spots in Stubaital, as well as give you some direct tips to ensure that you don’t miss a thing on your next holiday in this lovely region.

The Stubaital (or “the Stubai” for short), is the main valley of the Stubai Alps in Tyrol. It stretches 35 km, from the glaciated main ridge of the Alps to the Tyrolean capital, Innsbruck. Both in winter and summer, cable cars are popular starting points for excursions into the mountains. With the Stubai Glacier cable car, Schlick 2000, Elferlifte and Serles cable cars, the ascent and descent into the wilder mountain world is accessible to everyone.

Let’s start the best day adventure tips for the Stubai valley with our most favourit winter spot (summer activities below).

Stubai Glacier – Dolomite view and a freestyler’s dream

southerly view from Jochdohle restaurant, the most beautiful view in the Stubai Glacier
Tip – the snowpark is also located directly here so please do not disturb the riders or stand in the landing area.
View from Stubai Glacier to the Dolomites – best captured with a telephoto lens

In our opinion, the southerly view on the Stubai Glacier is by far the most enjoyable. From here, the high mountains of the main Alpine ridge line up with a view of the Ötztal valley to the Wildspitze mountain as well as further southeast into the Dolomites.

In winter, skiers and snowboards from all over the world come to enjoy this easily accessed vantage point. To get to Stubai, take the Wildspitz chairlift and Immediately after getting off at the top station, pull over to the right to enjoy the magnificent view into the south.

In summer, we suggest taking the Eisjockbahn ski lift to Jochdohle mountain restaurant, the highest restaurant in Austria. Here you are greeted again by the spectacular view to the south, a perfect spot to share with your Instagram followers. With a telephoto lens in good conditions you can easily see the Dolomites and capture amazing images. In winter the flying skiers and snowboarders of the neigbouring snowpark, provides some excellent photo motifs.

Hiking in the slippery and harsh glacier world is never trivial and is not recommended for beginners and occasional hikers.

The Elfer mountain massive circuit hike

The Elferhütte with view into the Inn valley – an ideal photo spot for hiking enthusiasts
For fit hikers, the Innsbrucker Hütte is a photographically rewarding location for your efforts

The Elferbahn ski lifts, in the Austrian municipality of Neustift, allow quick access to the alpine mountain world. From the top station, the view of Stubai valley as far as the city of Innsbruck, is alone worth the trip. The view becomes even more beautiful a little further up at the Elferhütte mountain cabin.

Experienced hikers can climb further up to the pointed Elfer Towers. Less experienced hikers can enjoy the circular hiking trail. Depending on your mood you can also hike deep into the Pinnistal valley on a high-level trail. Follow the trail and the first turnoff will lead you back to the gondola. This hike is pefect for the occasional hiker.

Those who are in better shape should continue on to the Karalm alpine pasture or even further to the Innsbrucker mountain cabin. The end of the valley under the massive hawk mountain is particularly impressive. This narrow valley with its massive rocky outcrops reminds a little bit of the Dolomites always inviting one to stay a little while.

Sunrise in the Schlick mountain area

Sunrise on the mountain means getting up really early – or sharing the cable car platform with many others

Schlick is small ski area offering all levels of skiing as well as gondola rides to watch the sunrise from an amazing platform. More up to date information can be found at the mountain railways website. If you are good on foot, of course you don’t have to fight with others for the best spot, but the cable car makes the tiring ascent much easier.

Mountain moments offers a half-day photography course, directly from the sunrise platform, were we will guide you on how to best stage your composition. Alternatively, you can enjoy an overnight stay on the mountain with us by booking a private photography course through our website. Let us guide you to the most beautiful spots of the Stubaital valley and its beautiful surroundings. We also offer courses in some of Europe’s other most beautiful landscapes making sure that you enjoy these locations and that you can concentrate on fine tuning your photography skills.

An Alpine hut experience on the Stubaier valley high trail

The Nürnberger hut

The Stubaier Höhenweg ‘high trail’ connects several alpine huts around the Stubaital. You can walk all 8 daily stages one after the other, limit yourself to some or only visit one of them on a day tour. The choice is yours. Please note: Most of the trail sections require practiced hiking skills, including good planning, surefootedness and a head for heights. Some passages require rope insurance to overcome them.

The hut access routes are easy and feasible for most hikers. The paths to the Sulzenauhütte and Nürnberger Hütte are particularly worthwhile. Here you can still admire historically intact alpine natural meadows.

Tip: The upper part of the Wilde Wasser ‘wild water’ trail to the Sulzenauhütte cabin is particularly beautiful and worth a stop to snap some great photographs.

Sunrise on Serles mountain

Sunrise on Serles mountain in Tyrol
Sunset over the Stubaital

“An Innsbrucker or Stubaital local, that has never seen a sunrise from Serles has truly never lived” – of course this is easy to say when you are standing on the queen of the Innsbruck’s viewing mountains at sunrise. From the pilgrimage monastery of Maria Waldrast, its about a 4 hour walk on a moderately difficult hiking trail to the summit of the Serles.

If you want to make the sunset on time you will want to start your hike at around 2am at night. We promise the welcome relief of having made it and a breathtaking sunrise.

For experienced mountaineers only: Becherhaus and Wilder Freiger mountain

Becherhaus mountain is situated in an exquisite location which offer great photo motifs –
You have to be trained in alpinism for this view – and have a bit of weather luck too
The Übeltalferner glacier

Strictly speaking, the Becherhaus (“mug house”) hike is not located in the Stubaital valley, but it is often included as part of a 2-day tour from the Grawaalm alpine pasture which is. The strikingly located Alpenvereinshütte ‘alpine club hut’ is probably one of the most beautifully situated huts in the Eastern Alps.

The Becherhaus lies picturesquely on a high alpine ridge and is (still) surrounded by the massive Übeltalferner glacier. Although not everyone can sleep well at over 3000m due to the altitude, the view here makes even the most experienced alpinists go into raptures. Glacier equipment and high alpine knowledge and experience is required and this climb is not appropriate for beginners.

Tip: The tour can be combined with the beautiful trail around the Sulzenauhütte ‘Sulzenau hut’.

Book your hiking and photography tour now and get the best experience for your Stubai holiday with our experienced guide.

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