Undisputed! South Balcony Will Give You the Best View of Mont Blanc

Chamonix Hikers’ Vivid Viewpoint Lac Blanc / Lacs de Chéserys! South Balcony’s Grand Panorama of Chamonix Valley and Mont Blanc

Everyone who enjoys the fresh air and the view of sunsets on a balcony knows the benefits of having one. Now multiple that by a million, and you will still not come close to the experience that nature’s “South Balcony” rewards you with. It is the alpine plateau northwest of Mont Blanc and Chamonix. Follow our hiking decription, use the hiking map and get inspired by those beautiful photogrpahs from our pro photographers.

Lying there between Lac Blanc – the White Lake – and the smaller Lacs de Chéserys is undisputedly the most beautiful view of the entire Mont Blanc massif.

A wonderful half-day hike on this natural viewing balcony stretches from Col des Montets to Flégère. Along the way are several beautiful natural mountain lakes, from which an unobstructed view of the impressively mighty Mont Blanc massif opens up. 

The steep mountain peaks from the Aiguille d’Argentière over the glacier basins of Glacier d’Argentière and Mer de Glace to the glaciated Mont Blanc peak can be admired here.

On a calm day, the entire Mont Blanc massif is reflected in the westernmost of the Lacs de Chéserys and in the Lac Blanc

Directions! This is how yourhike to Lac Blanc looks like on a map

Starting point is the parking lot or the bus stop Col des Montets (1461m). Starting directly at the information building, follow the trail to “Grand Balcon Sud” and later towards Lacs des Chéserys/Lac Blanc. After some steeper hairpin bends, the path becomes flatter until Lac des Chéserys (2230m). 

Immediately after, the trail climbs steeply again to Refuge Lac Blanc (2356m). From Refuge Lac Blanc downhill towards Flégère (1860m) and with the gondola into the valley. The starting point Col des Montets offers the easiest and most beautiful trail with a gentle slope. 

The other trails (e.g. from the Argentière or Trélechamps train station) are much steeper and technically more difficult (climbing steel ladders).
Hiking map for your trip to Lac Blanc / Lacs de Cheserys viewpoint above Chamonix. Medium difficult hike from La Flegere to Argentiere. The other trails (e.g. from the Argentière or Trélechamps train station) are much steeper and technically more difficult (climbing steel ladders)

Photo tips that will make your Instagram pop – the Mont Blanc massif and the White Lake

The views of the entire hike of the Mont Blanc massif are phenomenal. The White Lake (Lac Blanc) is particularly crowded. Quieter photo spots can be found at the slightly lower Lacs des Chéserys. 

Probably the most beautiful photo spot is located directly at the main lake (Lacs de Cheserys) on the hiking trail – or even a bit above – depending on your taste. With a little luck, ibexes will also show themselves. Camping is often done around the Lac Blanc hut – which is also a perfect photo location for landscape photographers.
The silent Lac Blanc mirrors the steep rock needles at the Mont Blanc massive in perfect sunset light. Learn what it takes to take such outstanding shots (Photo: Gauvin Lapetoule) on our photo workshops or with our private guiding offers.

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Unique panoramic view at Lac Blanc high above Chamonix. Our most favourite photo location with a view to Grand Montets and Mont Blanc massive. Photo: Gauvin Lapetoule

More information about your next hiking adventure on the French Alps

How to get there by public transport: From Chamonix with bus no. 2 direction Le Tour, change in Argentière to bus no. 21 to Col des Montets. Alternatively, take the train to Montroc and get off at Trélechamps.

How to get there by car: Parking directly at the bottom station of the Flégère cable car. From here continue by train to Montroc and start at Trélechamps.

Start/finish: Col des Montets/Flégère or Argentière

Distance: 9km 

Duration: 4h

Ascent/descent: 930m/480m

Highest point/lowest point: 2370m/1420m

Hike difficulty level: medium

Special features: 

Meals: Refuge du Lac Blanc, Hotel La Flégère, Argentière, Chamonix.

Other tips: If you don’t want to take the gondola, you can walk down to the valley: 5h, 13km, 1200hm downhill. Return by train from La Joux/Argentière station or bus.

Contact: www.chamonix.com

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