Your Light Rosengarten Hike - Wuhnleger Lake Mirrors Red Mountain Peaks

Your Light Rosengarten Backpacking – Photo Spot Wuhnleger Lake Mirrors Red Mountain Peaks

Beautiful Wuhnleger lake, which belongs to Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park, is not beyond the photographer’s reach. Quite the opposite, a 45-minute walk from a starting point in Weisslahnbad is enough to arrive at this destination. Keep in mind that on this easy hiking route, it is only one of many attractions. So choose your point of view, set the exposure point, set your focus on the water, shoot, and prepare for what’s about to come. A perfect short hike for landscape photographers and an easy family adventure.

The Latemar and Catinaccio (Rosengarten) massifs are among the most impressive mountain ranges in the Alps. The red glowing mountain peaks in the evening glow, the famous alpine glow, are captured by landscape photographers in the usually calm water of the small quenching pond at Wuhnleger. 

Without much effort, the panoramic hike to Lake Wuhnleger is a popular evening excursion for landscape photographers. The lake is one of the most popular photo motifs of the Catinaccio-Latemar massif and can be reached with a short walk. 

The pond is accessible from the parking lot in Weisslahnbad in just 45 minutes via a forest road, so that a tripod or heavier camera sets can certainly be transported.

A short hike to the Tschafon hut, which is just as scenic, rounds off this enjoyable mountain experience.
Lake Wuhnleger actually is a small pond serving as water tank to help in case of fire. The spectacular reflections to the Rose Garden Massif are what attracts Dolomite fans as well as landscape photographers. A short hike to the Tschafon hut, which is just as scenic, rounds off this enjoyable mountain experience. Please don’t skip the fence as it might damage the lake. Photo: Erick N. (Mountain Moments Community)

Directions for your hiking trip to Lake Wuhnleger and beyond

From the hikers’ parking lot in Weisslahnbad, follow the wide and flat forest road with the signs to the Wuhnleger. Linger briefly at the Lake Wuhnleger, walk around it and take plenty of photos. Then turn right behind the lake onto a hiking trail and climb about 700 meters to the next intersection. 

From there a wide gravel path leads to the Tschafon hut. Then follow the gravel path back to the junction near the Wuhnlegers. From there, as on the way out, take the forest road back to Weisslahnbad until you reach the starting point. 

The mountain hut also offers its guests a beautiful view of the surrounding mountain ranges. In addition, the hut serves mainly regional dishes.
Hiking map to the photo location at Wuhnleger Lake: The mountain hut also offers its guests a beautiful view of the surrounding mountain ranges. In addition, the hut serves mainly regional dishes

Photo tips that will make your Instagram pop – Lake Wuhnleger and Catinaccio peaks

Rose Garden photographed from Lake Carezza hike (see the full descriptions of both routes and 28 more in our Dolomites Hiking and Photo Guide Book) at blue hour.

Logically, by far the most impressive photo spot is directly at the Lake Wuhnleger. The impressive Catinaccio (Rosengarten) peaks are reflected there. Especially with clear visibility and a beautiful sunset, the peaks are lit up red, so we highly recommend a sunset picture. 

A wide angle lens and normal lens work best here. Another charming photo spot is at the Taschfon Hut. On the descent from Weisslahnbad, a short detour to Carezza is also worthwhile. 

Just past the Niger Pass on the pass road to Lake Carezza is the Tscheiner Hut on the chairlift of the same name. From there, an impressive panoramic view of the Latemar massif is also possible. This is a little insider tip: there are not so many photographers on the road here.

The impressive Latemar Massif peaks above Lake Carezza. YOu can combine the tour at Lake Carezza with Wuhnleger Lake in a day trip. You find plenty of photo opportunities along the connecting road.

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More information about your next hiking adventure

How to get there by car: via Innsbruck and there continue on the A22 Brennero freeway to the Bolzano North exit. Then take the mountain road LS24 via Tiers to St. Zyprian. At the entrance of the village turn left and drive to the parking lot of Weisslahnbad.

How to get there by public transport: By train from Munich via Innsbruck to Bolzano. From there take the local bus first to Tiers or St. Zyprian and from there bus 176 to Weisslahnbad.

Hike difficulty level: easy

Duration/distance: 2.5h/ 6.3km

Ascent/descent: 529m/529m

Highest/lowest point: 1725m/1197m 

Refreshment stop: Tschaminschwaige, Tschafon hut, Tscheiner hut

Start/finish: Parking lot Weilahnbad (coordinates: geogr. 46.478339, 11.558461)

Tips: West of the Wuhnlegersee lake is the San Sebastian chapel. Just above the chapel is a very beautiful viewpoint with the small white chapel and the peaks of the Latemar group in the background, which reach just above the forest mountains in front of it. 

Conservation: Lake Wuhnlegersee is a sensitive ecosystem, which is why it is now fenced off. Please accept this and do not climb over the fence.

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