Austria Hallstatt!

The most beautiful locations and sights for photographers in Austria

Oh, Sissi! Yes, Franz! The most renowned emperor and empress invite you to visit these magnificent photo spots in Austria: picturesque locations from the imperial court; to the wild mountain peaks; lush gentle alpine meadows, idyllic mountain lakes and charming towns.

From sightseeing in Vienna to hiking in the mountain peaks, we have tried to put together a comprehensive list of the most beautiful places in Austria. Of course, we can only recommend our favourite photo locations here – there are many more locations waiting to be discovered and that is what we aim to inspire.

We hope you find these photo tips useful when planning your next holiday in Austria. Most of these locations are comprised of many photo points and different angles all in one place alone! So, let’s get going!

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Photo spots Austria: The most beautiful places for photographers

Picturesque Landscapes comprise most of the beautiful locations in Austria and attract many photographers every year with their magical appeal. It’s no surprise to us that large queues of visitors gather at the Natural History Museum in Vienna, or that there is a lively rush to the old town of Salzburg. The historically rich Hallstatt town has even had to take certain measures to curb the massive influx of tourists hoping to update their fans on their fantastic lifestyles and travels. If you go anywhere on this list of beautiful photo spots, expect not to be the only photographer.

It’s important to us that you observe the following basic rules when searching for a photo location:

  • Don’t leave any garbage! In case of any doubt, leave the photo spot in a cleaner condition than you found it.
  • Always follow the special rules on site: Some of the photo spots mentioned in this article are located on private property. Please treat these locations as if they were your own property and treat the owners with respect and gratitude. Some specific rules apply to the publication of photographs at these locations, you should follow them as well.
  • Respects other photographers, people, animals and nature. We only have one life and one planet, it would be a pity if we couldn’t enjoy the beauty of nature together, as well as not preserving it for posterity.

If you follow these basic rules, you will not only ensure yourself an amazing experience, but you will also be able to continuously enjoy these photographic landscapes together with others in the future. It is a well known fact that joy multiplies when you share it.

We welcome you to share your ‘hidden gems’ with us by up-loading pictures of photo locations you have discovered to our gallery of the best photo spots in the Alps and Europe. If you would like us to guide you through any of these places, please check our photo tour or photo hike page and leave us a message so that we can arrange a plan that suits you the best.

photo spots in the capital Vienna: Riesenrad, Museumsquartier and Schönbrunn Palace

Oh, Sissi! Yes, Franz! Ever since the imperial and royal families took residence in the capital of Austria, Vienna has been a cultural center of impressive historical buildings and sights. Each and every location here is a sight to behold!

The Karlskirche
The Karlskirche

Vienna is home to many museums: the Kunsthistorisches (Art History), the Museum of Natural History, the Albertina, the State Opera, Parliament, Karlsplatz, Town Hall, Folklore, the Secession and many more. You will need several days just to visit all of these museums, not including the time one must add to take some well-composed photos!

If you are in Vienna, or plan to go there soon, we recommend are the Schönbrunn Palace, the square that lies between the Museum of Art History and Museum of Natural History and the giant ferris wheel at the Prater amusement park as some of our favourite photography spots.

The Prater Ferris Wheel
The Prater ferris wheel
Schönbrunn Palace with view over Vienna, Photo: Daniel P.
Schönbrunn Palace with view over Vienna, photo: Daniel P

city in the Alps: Golden Roof and more – Photo tour through Innsbruck

The Innsbrucker Paradeblick
The Innsbrucker Parade view: From the market place in a northerly direction.
Photo tip 1: take a photo at/after sunset.
Photo tip 2: the photo is always slightly “crooked” due to the structure and looks imperfect without post-processing

Innsbruck is a city uniquely surrounded by magnificent mountains thats great for skiing in the winter and amazing for mountaineering in the summer. The Tyrolean capital is known worldwide for its beautiful old town and even more for its many unique vantage points.

Innsbruck in winter
Innsbruck in winter

One of our favourite photo spot is on the Unibrücke bridge, facing the the old town, especially in slightly hazy weather. If the weather is nicer, you can enjoy the view of the Nordkette mountain range from the market square. The colourful houses along the Inn river are a must-have for updating your Insta’ followers on your magical liefestyle.

Fancy a photo course in Innsbruck? We offer many unique photography tours, courses and workshops, of varying duration, in Innsbruck and the surrounding mountains.

Innsbruck from above


Innsbruck is tucked between the Karwendel mountain range and the main Alpine ridge. The best high alpine view points can be found on the Nordkette mountain chain or Patscherkofel mountain. These beautiful mountains offer the best accessability, with clearly marked paths that can be reached directly from the city without much effort.

From the congress station In the middle of the city center, the Nordkettenbahn cable car takes you to the breathtakingly high alpine terrain of the Karwendel mountain range in a mere 30 minutes. From up here, the view into the Inn Valley and Innsbruck is magnificent.

photo spotS in Salzburger Land: Zell am See with Kitzsteinhorn

Green meadows, blue lake, white mountains - a view over Zell am See as if painted. Photo: Salzburger Land Tourism, Faistauer Photography
Green meadows, blue lake, white mountains – a view over Zell am See as if painted,
photo: Salzburger Land Tourism, Faistauer Photography

The Zell am See district in Salzburger Land is one of the most popular sights of the Alps and draws a colorful range of multicultural tourists who come to experience this paradise on earth.

The Arabian guests in particularly have chosen this wonderful place because of its heavenly characteristics of beauty and natural perfection, a taste of promised paradise. We tend to agree, as will most, when they first lay their eyes on this wonderful location!

In winter time you should go to Kitzsteinhorn and try a day skiing in the ski ressort. The views from the top will be a great memory of your trip to the Austrian Alps.

Salzburg Castle Mirabell with Mirabell Garden and Fortress Hohensalzburg

Salzburg Panorama
View over the old town of Salzburg from the Mönchsberg
photo: Salzburg Tourismus, G. Breitegger
 Sights Salzburg, view over the Mirabell Garden to the old town of Salzburg, Photo: Tourism Salzburg, G. Breitegger
Sights Salzburg, view over the Mirabell Garden to the old town of Salzburg
photo: Tourism Salzburg, G. Breitegger

The Salzach river, a tributary of the Inn river, crosses the German boarder and runs directly through the center of the picturesque Austrian city of Salzburg. Many tourists flock here to see the birthplace of Mozart, the renowned musical genius, as well as to experience the alpine magic one gets from the northern slope of the Alps. You can effortlessly take a comfortably stroll on one of the several hills in and around the city, and catch many charming views.

A few meters north of the old town, one simply cannot miss Mirabell Castle with its famous Mirabell garden. Many of Europe’s romantic and cheesy wedding pictures originate here in this enchanted place.

If you are lucky enough to find a quiet hour for photography, Mirabell Garden is just fantastic. The precisely landscaped garden is geometrically perfect and along with the Hohensalzburg fortress protectively elevated in the background it makes for a great composition.

Hallstatt: the most famous sight in Austria?

Austria Hallstatt!
The picturesque town of Hallstatt in Austria

Second only to Vienna in popularity, Hallstatt is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists all year round, who come to relax and enjoy this picturesque town in Upper Austria.

Located on the side of a Lake with the same name, the small village of Hallstatt has become famous among many Asian tourists because of its similarities to Arendelle, the fictional town of Disney’s ‘Frozen’ – so much so that an exact copy of the village was built in China! The view from the lake to the picturesque village with the Dachstein massif in the background is a view not to be missed.

Sunset on the mountain

Sunset on the mountain
A simple means: the rule of thirds.
Place the horizon in the upper third, in the middle third you show the landscape and in the lower third there is a foreground

The low sun in the morning and evening always offer the most beautiful lighting for Photography. A sunset on the mountain is a special experience apart from its exquisite lighting effects. You can find great sunsets or sunrises in many places in the Austrian Alps.

You will find great locations at several mountains in Tyrol, and to recommend a single one here, would practically be an offense.

In order to experience a sunrise or sunset from the mountain, the location is not as much of a decisive factor as is the timing and especially the weather!

It requires a fair amount of courage to get up at 2am in the dark, early morning to hike for several hours through dark woods over sticks and stones surrounded by forest noises. We offer special photography and hiking tours for groups and private bookings. We help you find not only the best photography spots, but also get you there for the perfect time and guide you safely. On a private hiking tour we make sure you get the most out of your holiday time and you benefit from the personal photography coaching from our pro photographer guides.

Olperer hut and the Instagram worthy bridge in the Zillertal valley

The Zillertal in Tyrol
photo: P. Wechselberger

The Zillertal valley in Tyrol is really well known among skiers. Four large ski resorts stretch from the Tyrolean municipality of Jenbach to the Hintertux glacier. The suspension bridge at the Olperer Hütte (hut) is the most popular Instagram photo spot in the Zillertal valley.

The small suspension bridge stretches across a mountain stream, with a view of the Schlegeis reservoir and the Hintereisferner massif in the background. An exhilarating hike to an impressive view.

The Tyrolean Fjord: Lake Achensee

Tyrolian Fjord
View from Bärenkopf in autumn (October)

Probably the most beautiful view of the “Tyrolian Fjord” is from Bärenkopf. If you find the hike of 1000 meters of altitude too much, you can shorten the hike with the Karwendel cable car. Nevertheless, be careful: the last 200 meters of altitude are steep and partly exposed and only recommended for experienced hikers.

The tour is also offered in winter for a wonderful ski tour (avalanche location must be observed).

Alternatively, if you don’t want to hike, the view from the top station of the Karwendel mountain railway (Pertisau) is also pretty nice.

Photo hiking in Tyrol. e.g. in Sellrain Valley

Photo hiking in Tyrol. e.g. in Sellrain
 Pforzheim hut
Pforzheimer hut

Sellrain valley is a small, relatively unspectacular area near Innsbruck and is surprisingly remote, raw and untouched for the busy district of Tyrol. Hiking from hut to hut along the Sellrainer Hüttenrunde, or hut circuit in english, is an excellent way to relax, experience nature and capture the valley’s beauty over a couple of days. You can still experience mountains here in their original beauty – without the usual lifts and urbanisation.

Western Austria: Lake Constance In Bregenz

Most beautiful place in Western Austria: Lake Constance - Bregenz

Bregenz is the capital of Vorarlberg, Austria’s most western District. To capture a beautiful sunset We suggest Lake Constance and it’s island, Lindau as our photo spots of choice.

If you are finding Bregenz, or the island of Lindau too crowded for your liking, we recommend the harbour in the town of Hard. Here you will surely find peace and nature and sometimes a delicious ice cream. The harbour can be located at Lake Constance on the southern side of the lake.

Important: When photographing please pay attention to environment and property. Some of these photo spots are on private ground.

Tip: Would you like to photograph the most beautiful places in Germany? Take a look at our current photo course dates on our website. Didn’t find anything suitable? Contact us directly for your exclusive photo course.

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